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20 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Minneapolis Before You Die Or Graduate

20 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Minneapolis Before You Die Or Graduate

There are so many things you need to eat in Minneapolis, it can be hard to keep track. We've put together some of the best restaurants you need to try!

College breaks even the strongest of souls. In the deepest depths of this dark hell, great food is one of the few things we can find solace in. Need a morning pick-me-up before that dreaded exam? Check. Need a deliciously greasy place to grab a bite when you’re definitely not drunk? Check. The Twin Cities campus offers a wide variety of awesome restaurants that you definitely have to visit before the end of your four (or five, six, maybe seven?) years here. Keep reading for 20 things you need to eat in Minneapolis.

1. Fried Chicken and Garlic Toast from Raising Cane’s

Mmmhm. This should come as a surprise to none, but the chicken and special Cane’s sauce is legendary. The toast that comes with every meal are like little pillows of happiness that you can eat, that you should eat. Lots of.

2. Cookies from Insomnia

The savior of all late night cram sessions. The warms gooey cookies fresh from the oven are heavenly at any time of the day, but they’re especially delicious at 1 am when you’re desperately trying to learn an entire semester of ochem.


3. Fries and Malts from Annie’s Parlour

Portion control is not a thing here. Get an order of fries and you’ll be one of the happiest carb consumer in the Dinkytown area. Likewise, the malts also come in gigantic sizes for you to share with that special someone. Or yourself, no judgements.

4. Pizza from Mesa’s

The strangest flavors you’ll never want to try except for when you’re definitely not sober. Definitely a must if you’re into trying different things.

5. Kalbi from Korea Restaurant/Hair Salon/Karaoke Bar

You probably haven’t heard of this because you’re an uncultured swine. It’s beef ribs. Go try it. Also a great opportunity to grab a haircut and sing some karaoke since the restaurant has all three.


6. Wings from Blue Door Pub

If you’re ever in the Como area, this is the place to go. They’re famous for their juicy Lucy’s, but the wings are a must try as well. They have monthly promotions so it’s more gentle on the wallet as well.

7. Waffles from Black Coffee & Waffle Bar

You don’t have to be a basic white girl to come here. In fact, your barista with the tattoos and alternative band tee will probably judge you less if you don’t Instagram your waffle. But feel free to do it anyways.


8. Sushi from Haiku Japanese Bistro

Definitely the best spot for sushi on campus. There’s so many different rolls here, you’re bound to find something you love. I mean, unless you’re just that high maintenance.

9. Shawarma and Hummus from Wally’s Falafel and Hummus

The underrated gem of Dinkytown. Try their shawarma, falafel, gyro, hummus, everything. Buy out the store. Live there. Be happy forever.

10. Ice Cream from Izzy’s

Home of the famous Izzy scoop. With three locations in the twin cities area, the lines can still wrap around the entire store. One of the sweetest things to eat in Minneapolis.


11. Calzones from DP Dough

The calzones here really know how to ooze cheese. Everything, including their cookies are fresh out of the oven.

12. Pancake’s from Tony’s Diner

This old fashion diner serves some of the best comfort food on campus. Their portions are huge and you always leave feeling like you just received one of Grandma’s big hugs.

13. Sambusa from Afro Deli

You really can’t go wrong ordering anything from here. They’re reopening soon on East bank because the other location was too small. Enough said?


14. Burgers from Surley’s Brewery

You do not have to like booze to come here. I repeat, you do not have to like booze. It helps though. The burgers are stacked higher than your ambitions and their desserts are mind blowing.

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15. Bubble Tea from Kung Fu Tea

If you go somewhere else, stop. This is the indisputable best place to get fix your cravings for bubble tea.


16. Donuts from Glam Doll

I can die happy here and that’s not even an exaggeration. They’re known for their outrageous flavor combinations, making the trek a little off campus so worth it.

17. Tacos from Bar Luchador

Cheap and delicious. The perfect place for when you need something delicious and you’re on a budget. Every college students dreams, amirite?

18. Coffee from Espresso Royale

The perfect place to sit down and have a cup of delicious coffee. The cutest location ever, and a great place to spend an afternoon studying or hanging out with friends.


19. Honey French Toast from Mango Factory

Ok, so it’s bread, ice cream, fruit, and whipped cream. It doesn’t sound incredibly exciting but I promise this is an experience worth having.

20. Pasta from Loring Pasta

You might be weirded out by the drugs drugs drugs plastered the exterior, but when the noodles are that good, do you really care?

Are there any other things you need to eat in Minneapolis? Comment below!
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