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20 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Columbia Before You Graduate

20 Most Delicious Things You Need To Eat In Columbia Before You Graduate

There are so many things you need to eat in Columbia before you graduate. We've put together some of the best restaurants you absolutely need to try!

The University of Missouri has countless options for dining. Whether you have dining hall swipes, going on a date, have a fast-food budget, or you’re hungry after midnight, Columbia has got you covered. Check out the 20 most delicious things you need to eat in Columbia below!

1. Broadway Diner

What’s better than breakfast for dinner? Nothing! The Stretch is the most popular and unique entree served at the the Broadway Diner. The menu describes the meal as, “A plate of our hash browns, topped with scrambled eggs, covered with chili, cheddar cheese, and fresh diced green peppers and onions.” The diner is 24 hours and is located a block from the intersection of Broadway and Providence.

2. Hot Box Cookies

Want some dessert? Head downtown to Hot Box to grab the most delicious cookies you will ever taste. You can order cookies individually, or as a dozen. Need to get a special someone a Valentine’s day gift? Hot Box bakes cookie cakes in the shape of a heart.


3. Harold’s Donuts

Have a sweet tooth? Harold’s Donuts offers delicious, sugary donuts starting at just $1. Compliment your treat with a glass of milk or juice.

4. Cafe Berlin

This small restaurant offers a safe, comfortable environment. Often, Cafe Berlin hosts live music nights. Don’t miss your chance to try their delicious potatoes.

5. El Rancho’s

Let’s face it. El Rancho’s is the destination for most drunk college students looking to satisfy their drunk cravings. It’s location downtown is prime, located centrally between all of the city’s top bars. The Mexican restaurant keeps its doors open late to serve delicious burritos that can’t be topped.


6. Baja Dining Hall

Have dining hall swipes? Baja has the best smoothies in Columbia. When you choose between Pina Colada, Strawberry, or Strawberry Banana, you can not go wrong.

7. Dobb’s Dining Hall

Hands down the best all-around dining hall at the University of Missouri. Make sure you try the patty melt, made fresh for you by the campus chefs. Also, be sure to stop by the dessert table on your way out to grab a bowl of soft serve ice cream topped with some delicious hot fudge.

8. Plaza 900

Sticking with the dining hall trend, Plaza 900 offers the best stir-fry on campus. Choose between a variety of meats and vegetables and watch the campus chefs prepare your entree. Don’t forget to grab your fortune cookie.


9. Heidelberg

No better place to eat outside in Columbia. Located downtown, Heidelberg boasts an outdoor patio on the roof of the restaurant. However, if you are looking to drink, they also have a large bar located inside the restaurant.

10. La Siesta

Since they have 3 locations, you can’t miss La Siesta. Looking to pregame your night out at the bars? Head to La Siesta and order a margarita with some tasty tacos.

11. Flat Branch

This popular Como restaurant is located downtown, off 5th Street. I highly recommend the Smoked Salmon with Mac & Cheese.


12. CC’s City Broiler

If you are looking to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, look no further that CC’s City Broiler. This upscale restaurant hosts the best waiters in the city. The filet mignon is cooked to perfection every time. However, don’t head West down Stadium Boulevard to this restaurant if you aren’t willing to spend a pretty penny.

13. Booches

This popular dining option is raved about by online reviewers. Booches serves delicious sliders, and offers a local vibe. It’s a fantastic place to celebrate a Mizzou win on game day.

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14. Shakespeare’s Pizza

The most debated Pizza restaurant in CoMo. Some people love it. Some people say it’s overrated. Personally, I don’t think you can find better pizza in the entire state. Make sure you try their pepperoni pizza. They conveniently have 3 locations, so no matter where you are in Columbia, you can’t be far from a Shakespeare’s.

15. Gumby’s Pizza

If you don’t like Shakespeare’s, it’s probably because you have a commitment to Gumby’s. The pizza restaurant is located in many college towns throughout the nation. Conveniently located off Broadway, Gumby’s sells delicious pizza by the slice during the afternoons. Make sure you try their famous version of bread-sticks called Pokey Stix.

16. Lakota Coffee

Looking for a quiet place to study? Grab a cup of Joe at Lakota. Located downtown, you get the feel of a public setting while inside a quiet coffee shop.


17. Sparky’s Ice Cream

This cute little ice cream shop sits in downtown Columbia. They offer many unique flavors. My personal favorite is the banana Nutella. Be sure to stop by Sparky’s for some delicious dessert.

18. Addison’s American Grill

Located off Cherry Street, Addison’s is another delicious dining spot downtown. I highly recommend everyone try their pulled pork nachos.

19. Shiloh’s Bar and Grill

Looking for a place to watch Mizzou when they aren’t playing in town? Shiloh offers the perfect spot. Located downtown, you can order a burger and a beer and sit back and watch some Tiger football either inside, or outside on their patio.


20. Cheerleader Pub and Grill

One of the best hamburgers I have ever tasted was served with an incredibly delicious side of french fries. If you like this basic American meal, you can’t beat Cheerleader Pub and Grill. Located just East of Faurot Field, it’s the perfect pregame meal.

What are some other things you need to eat in Columbia? Comment below!
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