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The 20 Most Delicious Places To Eat In NYC Before You Die

The 20 Most Delicious Places To Eat In NYC Before You Die

If you're tired of all the food at NYU,these are some of the best places to eat in NYC.New York City has so many trendy and fun food places you need to try!
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While New York University may have plenty of dining halls to choose from, eating the same foods day after day may get a bit boring. There are tons of restaurants and small sweet shops around the NYU area where students can get a variety of foods that they may have never tasted before. Check out some of these sweet and savory places to eat in NYC that you have to try before you die (or graduate!)


Rice To Riches

Head down to Spring Street in Soho to get the most amazing bowls of rice pudding you’ll ever have. Rice To Riches produces rice pudding in the most extraordinary unique flavors, including coconut coma, hazelnut chocolate bear hug, man-made mascarpone, “oreo” gasm and butterscotch boulevard, to name a few.


New Territories

New Territories puts a new twist on the average ice cream based desserts, by making a blend of local Hong Kong eats with intense New York flavor. Located on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, New Territories offers the local Hong Kong gai dan zai (雞蛋仔) or egg waffle, paired with New York’s famous Van Leeuwens ice cream. They even offer milkshakes in ube flavor and a deluxe thai tea spin on an affogato for coffee lovers. 

Union Fare

Union Fare, the infamous brunch spot located in the heart of Union Square on 18th street offers the most amazing array of breakfast and lunch foods, including their famous dessert-filled croissants. Instead of your normal pain au chocolat, experience heavenly flavors such as red velvet, birthday cake, and matcha custards that ooze out in every bite.


Dominique Ansel Bakery

French-born pastry chef Dominique Ansel brought his signature pastries into the heart of Soho in New York City, with treats such as the cronut and cookie shots as the all time favorites of the store. Start lining up at the crack of dawn to receive a limited edition flavor of the cronut. Head down at three in the afternoon to get a warm cookie shot with ice cold vanilla infused milk.

Have you ever baked with your friends and wanted to “lick the spoon” of the leftover raw cookie dough? Every child has, and it’s now possible with DŌ. The edible cookie dough store with a variations such as cake batter, twixmix, and dunkadōo as their new limited edition options. Get there early for a spot in the line before it gets too crowded!


Cupcake Market

Face cookies are the most hilarious trend right now, and you can get them at the heart of NYU on East 7th street! Get cookies with your favorite celebrities painted right on them. With options ranging from the Kim Kardashian crying face to the many Presidents of the United States. They even have an option to create your own face on a personalized cookie.

Spot Dessert Bar

Located in St. Marks Place right by NYU, Spot Dessert Bar serves as sweet central for college students. They offer a wide range of decadent and unique desserts. Ranging from the rich matcha lava cake to the crisp golden french toast with condensed milk ice cream.

KITH Treats Cereal Bar

The renowned fashion brand, KITH, has expanded on a whole new level to create “KITH Treats Cereal Bar”, with cereal based treats that you cannot get anywhere else. The blend of crunchy cereal immersed in the creamy milk ice cream creates the perfect combination. With over twenty-three different cereals, twenty-two assorted toppings, and four different milk options, you can create a treat made especially for you.


OddFellows Ice Cream Co. 

OddFellows Ice Cream Co. brings a new spin on the childhood favorite ice cream sandwich, by upgrading from your normal chocolate cookie base to a warm and delicate brioche bun. Ice cream is handmade, based on flavors of the day, and packed between the two buns to create the perfect “OddPocket” sandwich.

Levain Bakery 

Although Levain Bakery is not located in the NYU area, it is a must that everyone tries this while in the city. Located in the Upper West Side, Harlem and Amsterdam Avenue, Levain Bakery takes cookies to a whole new level. Their cookies are the size of a human hand and are crunch on the outside and chewy on the inside. They are high in demand and the lines are always out the door. Their most popular option being the chocolate chip walnut cookie. Head up there early to get a spot in the line!


Not so much a dessert place but so naturally sweet, Liquiteria offers the juiciest and crunchiest açai bowls in the city. With many locations throughout the NYU area, Liquiteria serves as a perfect place grab a healthy green juice packed with vitamin C or a filling breakfast bowl of fruit and granola.



Saigon Shack

Macdougal Street is filled with restaurants for NYU students, including the popular Vietnamese food hub, Saigon Shack. The wait might be long, but its worth it to try the steaming hot pho and the range of banh mi sandwiches that they have to offer, all for a very reasonable price. Cash only!

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By Chloe

Also located near Macdougal on Bleecker Street, By Chloe is the home for vegan food that you have never tried before. Students that are not even vegan line up to try the guac burger and the avocado pesto pasta, making this place a favorite to all.


Joe’s Pizza

Can you really attend a university in New York and not try New York’s Pizza? Joe’s Pizza is a city favorite, located in Union Square serving piping hot pizza with various toppings 24/7.

Bluestone Lane

One of the cutest cafes located on Astor Place, Bluestone Lane brings a whole new twist to coffee with an Australian touch. Head down there in between classes for their famous avocado toast and chai tea lattes. You won’t want to miss out!


Mamoun’s is a New York City favorite when it comes to spicy and steaming hot falafel and lamb gyro pockets, as it serves as great comfort food after-hours when you’ve had a long night out. Located right on Macdougal, it has been transformed into an NYU student hub.


Umami Burger 

Coming straight from Los Angeles, Umami Burger has opened up in Greenwich Village, right near NYU! They have various options of gourmet burgers. This includes beef alternatives ranging from Sam’s Crispy Chicken, Short Rib Sliders, The Ahi Tuna Burger and Falafel burger, to name a few.

Artichoke Basille’s

Artichoke Basille’s spins off of New York style pizza by bringing a new creamy option to the mix, artichoke pizza! The legendary pizza has worked its way into the hearts and minds of all New Yorkers as perfect lunch, dinner, or after-hours meal, with locations in Greenwich Village, Union Square and even Staten Island.


For a healthier option, opt for Sweetgreen on Astor Place. You can either choose from the plethora of ready-made recipes or create your own bowl to your liking. You can even download the Sweetgreen app on your phone to create your salad and pick it up on the way to class. 


The Pokéspot

Pokéspot is a cute Japanese option where you can also craft your own bowls or choose from the ready-made menu. They offer bowls with fresh fish and Japanese condiments. With the bowls ranging from the Ahi Tuna bowl, the Citrus Salmon bowl and the Spicy Ponzu Tuna bowl, to name a few.

Can you think of any more delicious places to eat in NYC? Let us know in the comments!
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