10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

Freshman year is rough, no matter what your living situation is. Rather it be living with your parents or living in residence, there’s a lot thrown at your face and not a lot of time to process it, and you also have way too much power for the amount of focus you can muster.

So, to help, we’ve made a list of 10 most common college freshman mistakes you make in first year, and how to avoid them!

1. Getting super drunk at parties

Classic college freshman mistake. There’s nothing worse than going to a class supremely hungover, especially when you’ve never had to worry about missing some information that could make or break your mark. Plus, getting super drunk when you’ve never drank before? Risky and bad move, sis. Drink some water inbetween cocktails to help.

2. Skipping your classes

Remember what we just said about making or breaking your mark? Skipping classes, especially mutliple of them, is bad no matter if you know the material or not. Professors often give pieces of information in lectures that aren’t on the slides — and some of them don’t even share the slides. It’s best to go to class, especially when you’re taking stuff you actually like!

3. Going out on a school night

We know, we sound like your mom. But listen: going out on a Tuesday is the worst thing ever. You don’t get enough sleep, and that screws with literally your whole sleeping schedule until you can make it up on Saturday. Those couple of shots and the dead bar isn’t worth the effort, trust.

4. Taking a morning class

Getting up in the morning is the worst, and that’s a scientific fact. But getting up before 9:00am and going to a lecture that can last until 11:00? That’s even worse. Your brain doesn’t function, no matter how much you tell people you’re a morning person, and you often don’t have time to have breakfast which sucks.

10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

5. Even worse, taking a night class

Listen, morning classes are bad. You know what’s worse? Having to stay at school until 10:00pm. You’re tired, you’re hungry, nothing is usually open on campus and none of your friends are around to hang with when you’re waiting for your class to start. Just don’t do it.

6. Going to class drunk

We understand the urge to want to drink after a 3 hour lecture. But slamming back drinks before a class and going drunk is a super bad idea. Not only do you not focus (trust us), you also have to be drunk in class? Which sucks a lot?

7. Not sleeping enough

Sleep is the best thing you can do to get good grades because it increases focus, and also overall happiness! Do you want to be the person known for being grumpy (more than the usual amount) in junior year? The answer is no.

8. Taking too many classes

This doesn’t happen often, but taking too many classes because you’re stressed about graduation deadlines is not a smart move. Don’t worry about it, a degree isn’t a race, and you’re not saving any money by taking the same classes you’d take by adding an extra semester.

10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

9. Not joining any clubs

College life gets lonely, even if you aren’t living on your own. The best way to make friends on campus? Clubs! It doesn’t matter if it’s greek life, or just a simple drama club, but these will definitely amp your social life.

10. Ignoring the resources you have

All universities and colleges have resources you can use to better your learning, and you should use them while you still can! Including how to learn to properly cite, a lot of schools have seminars about research, writing, and other skills that are important to any degree.

10 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes You Can Avoid

What college freshman mistakes did you make? Do you agree with these? Let us know in the comments!

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