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15 Of The Most Beautiful Braided Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try Now

Wearing your hair in a braided hairstyle is one way to protect your tresses from harsh weather while rocking a new look for a while. The best part about these styles is that it gives you a break from continually styling your hair. If you’re looking for a new braided hairstyle to try out, check out some of our favorites for some inspiration.

1. Lemonade braids

Beyonce inspired us all when she rocked her gorgeous side cornrows in her Lemonade album. There are so many ways you can wear this braided hairstyle. No matter how you choose to wear it, you know you’ll always be looking #FLAWLESS!

2. Asymmetrical cornrow braids

Two classic cornrow braids already look gorgeous, but having them asymmetrically wrap around your head takes this braided hairstyle to the next level. It’s a cute and playful look that will also leave all eyes on you.

3. Cornrow braided bun

Buns are an elegant style, and adding cornrows to them will make it look even more striking. There are also other ways you can rock this braided hairstyle to give it a new twist. The classic way to wear it is to braid your hair back and rock a low bun. Or you could have all the braids toward the center of your head to wear a high bun. The possibilities are endless!

4. Braided mohawk

Create a unique twist on the classic punk rock style! Braided mohawks look so beautiful, and you won’t have to worry about shaving your head if you’ve ever been curious to try the style. Of course, there are also other fun ways you can rock this braided hairstyle. You choose which one best suits your personality!

5. Snake braids

These aren’t your typical cornrows! Add some flair to this braided hairstyle by cornrowing your hair into a curvy pattern, similar to a snake. Adding some hair accessories and bling will take your style to the next level. Snake braids are perfect for girls who want something quick, simple, and stylish.

6. Braided updo

If you don’t feel like putting extensions in your hair, there are some beautiful braided styles you can try with your natural hair as well. This braided updo, for example, has a lot of flair to it.  All you have to do is braid the back of your hair in whatever style you want, and then leave the rest of your hair out. Curl the front of your hair that’s out with a curling iron, flexi rods, or whatever curling device you have.

7. Braided space buns

Space buns are an adorable updo that is simply out of this world. People are always trying to add some extra spunk to this hairstyle by adding braids, fun colors, or accessories. If you want to grab people’s attention, you’ll want to try braided space buns. This braided hairstyle makes a casual, playful, and trendy hairstyle stand out even more

8. Cornrows into puff

If you don’t want to tame that puff of yours, then embrace it! This braided hairstyle is a cute way to show off your enviable curls. Braid the front of your hair in whatever style you wish, and let your fro do its thing in the back! It’s the perfect hairstyle to wear for any occasion.

9. Braided bob

It’s the classic bob with a unique twist! Similarly to the mohawk, a braided bob is the perfect style to get if you’ve been contemplating getting a real bob but don’t want to cut your hair. We can’t get over how BOMB this braided hairstyle looks! How can you not want to copy this hairstyle?

10. Goddess box braids

They don’t call them goddess braids for nothing. This beautiful braided hairstyle is a perfect mix of braids and curls that will have you looking and feeling like royalty. What we love the most about these goddess box braids is the versatility of the style. You can go for an edgy look or a classy look, but you’ll still look amazing either way.

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11. Braided pigtails

Braided pigtails aren’t just for little girls anymore! This is the perfect braided hairstyle if you want to achieve a more playful look. The best part about this style is that it’s easy to install and doesn’t take much effort to maintain. It’s the perfect go-to look for when you want to look good but don’t feel like putting in much effort.

12. Stitch braids

If you want a try a more elegant and neat braided hairstyles, stitch braids are for you. Because of the way that the hair is sectioned, you’ll get more of a sleek look when you get stitch braids. This braided hairstyle might take a little bit more effort to install and maintain, but the end result will be worth it!

13. Triangle box braids

If you want to give your box braids some extra flair, you should consider getting triangle box braids. They’re like your traditional box braids, but the parts are shaped like triangles instead of squares or rectangles. This braided hairstyle is one way to refresh your favorite look!

14. Colorful braids

When you have a colorful personality, you show it off with your hair. Why opt for one single color for your braided hairstyle when you can use a variety of different colors? Wearing colorful hair extensions will certainly make you stand out and is the perfect style for those who like to have fun.

15. Funky halo braid

A halo braid on its own already looks beautiful, but there are also some fun twists you can do to take your look to the next level. You can add some extensions to make it look fuller. You can add some extra braids to make it look more trendy. You can even add some hair accessories to make it stand out even more. This is one braided hairstyle that’s easy to create and fun to wear.

The right braided hairstyle will make you look amazing and show off your personality. Which of these styles is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!
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