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20 Of The Most Basic New Years Resolutions Ever

20 Of The Most Basic New Years Resolutions Ever

New Year’s resolutions become an absolute must – when January 1st rolls around – to the point where having one is almost detrimental. Fortunately, if you’re unable to come up with one you can still look to this list of 20 of the most basic New Years resolutions ever to help you while you’re in the process of brainstorming. In fact, your resolution doesn’t have to be grand – or over the top – but just enough to motivate you, as you go throughout the year. 

1. You’ll Make The Choice To Start Going To The Gym. 

You’ve signed up for a monthly membership at Planet Fitness – or someplace similar – and feel as though you’ve succeeded in completing the hardest step; consequently, you’ve only just begun, as you find yourself exhilarated at first – along with several other people. But as each month passes you by, you soon find yourself struggling to muster up the right amount of energy – to put towards keeping your perfect attendance.

2. You’ll Say That You’re Going To Cut Out Sugar.

How healthy would you be if you made the difficult choice to cut out sugar completely? You know that it won’t be an easy road, but you figure “hey, why not.” – as you put together a group chat so that your closest girls can join you. But for the sake of your own sanity just make sure that you get rid of the Oreos that continuously taunt you from the kitchen cabinet.


3. You’ll Strive To Grow As A Person. 

No matter what areas of your life that you’re wanting to improve in you’ll find this to be one of the easiest – yet hardest – New Years resolutions; easy in the sense that you don’t have to travel – or go out of your way to do it – but hard in the sense that you’re working on change which is always a challenge.

20 Of The Most Basic New Years Eve Resolutions

4. You’ll Keep A Year-Long Journal. 

It might be challenging to journal for 365 days straight – due to “the intentional skip” or “the accidental miss”. But the benefits that come through sticking it out might just surprise you – as you begin to learn new things about yourself and reflect on your experiences throughout that year.


5. You’ll Watch The Ball Drop Live Or See It In Person. 

You never want to begin a new year in the same place where you left off. The reason why I say in the same place – instead of at – is because you always want to continue growing in each and every stage of your life. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a change in locale. 

Ring in the New Year in the same spot you did last year – no matter whether you were watching the ball drop live – or fortunate enough to see it in person; you can then reflect on how far you’ve come, and imagine that one special spot as being a refresh button for the months ahead.

6. You’ll Work Towards Building Up Your Savings Account. 

Funds are great until there aren’t any; in turn, one of the biggest New Years resolutions – that we can all do a little bit better on – is building up our savings. Fortunately, if you stay dedicated to it – and make it all the way to December – you’ll be pleased with the results. The best part about this is that you have a full 12 months to contribute to it.


20 Of The Most Basic New Years Eve Resolutions

7. You’ll Develop A New Hobby. 

There are countless things to do in this world – that we oftentimes miss because we are too busy to even notice. Fortunately, we can learn a whole lot more when we take the time to add a new hobby into our lives; at the end of the day, this helps add excitement as well.

8. You’ll Find A New Job. 

Are you miserable at your current one? If so then do yourself – and your mental health – a huge favor by ringing in the new year with a new one; not only that but you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot happier, as long as you don’t give up on the search.


9. You’ll Drink More Water. 

How many times do we say that we’ll drink 8+ cups of water a day, but only do so for a short amount of time? Fortunately, there is always a new year to start fresh – and/or treat your body right.

20 Of The Most Basic New Years Resolutions

10. You’ll Spend More Time With Your Family. 

Maybe you struggled – the year before – to spend as much time with your family as you would have liked. Life gets busy – whether it be through school, work, jobs, etc. But now is as good a time as any to make time for the ones you love.


11. You’ll Try And Be More Organized. 

Buy a planner, some post-it notes – and anything that might serve as useful – because it’s time to get organized. In fact, forming a to-do list serves as one of the best strategies.

12. You’ll Develop A Summer Book List. 

Slacking on getting your head immersed in some good reads? If so, then try and read some new works throughout the year – and create a booklist based on all your favorites.

20 Of The Most Basic New Years Resolutions


13. You’ll Volunteer Somewhere. 

If you’re not engaged in the community as much as you’d like to be then this New Years resolution, in particular, can help you get more involved. Not only that but it will allow you to make a difference.

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14. You’ll Eat Out Less. 

On the days when you’re headed home from work or school – and find yourself feeling exhausted – the last thing you want to do is make food when you get home. This may cause you to eat an unhealthy amount of fast food – so a resolution like this serves as the perfect thing.


15. You’ll Try And Clean More Often.

You may say that you’re too busy – but no matter how much of your time is taken up – try and get into the habit of keeping things clean; if you aren’t good at this then you’ll definitely want to look into making this one of your New Years resolutions.

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16. You’ll Update Your Resume. 

Resumes are great when they are updated – but serve as the complete opposite when they’re outdated. That’s why it’s important to refresh them every so often; so why not make it a resolution to do just that.


17. You’ll Plan A Road Trip. 

It’s always nice to get away every once in a while – for some R&R – but even if you don’t have the funds to do so, try planning out a road trip instead. Making this your New Years resolution will serve as motivation to get you through the year to come.

18. You’ll Try And Manage Your Time Effectively. 

Time management is a New Years resolution that almost all of us need to work on. In doing so, you’ll find yourself spending a lot less of your time feeling rushed to do things – and a lot more of your time being able to enjoy yourself, as you live in the moment.

20 Of The Most Basic New Years Eve Resolutions


19. You’ll Spend Less Time On Social Media. 

In our modern-day world, we are so quick to jump on social media – and post how we feel – instead of talking face to face. If you find yourself doing the same – put an early stop to the madness – by limiting your usage. You can then engage in a lot more personal interaction with your family and friends.

20. You’ll Work On Managing Your Stress. 

Stress is something that is so prominent throughout the entire world; that’s why it’s crucially important for us to learn how to manage it. After all, what better way is there than to start the new year off stress-free – and continue to be so throughout the year. 

We hope these 20 most basic new years resolutions ever have given you a better idea of what you’re looking for this year – no matter whether you stick to it and succeed, or have to dust off your jeans and try again next year. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below!

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