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Top 10 Most Affordable Home Pieces to Tie your House Together

Sometimes, people get bored with the home pieces they see every day. Decoration pieces just don’t look good anymore, some pieces are old, or you’re just tired of that one painting your partner insists looks good, but it really doesn’t. If this is you, it’s time to freshen up your home with some new affordable home pieces!

1. Downloadable Art Print

Technology truly makes everything easier, and that includes getting your favorite affordable home pieces via download! This art piece is perfect for any room in your house, and will certainly tie any room together — once you print it, of course.

By getting this art piece, you’d also be supporting a creator on Etsy! Etsy is perfect for prints, art, affordable home pieces, and many other different items that you can decorate your house with. Be sure to check it out today!

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2. Sterling and Noble Enameled Wall Clock

Taking a step back from creators to bigger companies, Bed, Bath, and Beyond has many affordable home pieces that are perfect to decorate your living room. One of these include this 15.5-Inch wall clock that can be put in a living room or dining room.

It’s very minimalist in its design, only having black and white colors. It provides big, easy to read numbers that compliments its minimalist style beautifully. If this sounds like something you want, go ahead and click the link on the picture!

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3. Cindy Jacquard Blue Throw Pillow

Decorative pillows are a staple of a home that’s well-decorated. They’re another one of the most affordable home pieces, and that includes this one. There are many places that you can get decorative pillows, but we’re taking a trip towards Target, where most of their pillows are around twenty to thirty dollars.

This blue decorative throw pillow will go perfect with any light-colored service, whether it be on a couch, or in a bedroom. Either way, this pillow — and any other pillows you decide to get — are perfectly affordable for your perfect living space.

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4. Rustic Wall Sconces

Now we’re taking a look at Amazon, an absolute powerhouse for affordable home pieces and wall décor. This one is definitely no exception. These wall sconces look absolutely adorable; just slap some command strips onto your wall and presto! You’ve got a wonderful addition to your walls.

These sconces will also add a pop of lighting to wherever you put it. It’ll really lighten the room up and bring some color. Especially with the cute flowers, and fairy lights. Just click the image to check it out!

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5. Artificial Orbit Peacock Plant

We’ve been talking about pillows and art so much; now it’s time to put a little greenery in your life. Getting a potted plant can liven up a room and really add variety and diversity to any room it’s in. Any room looks great with a potted plant; what’s even better is that you don’t even have to water it!

This one is also from Target, and is sure to make the colors in your room really pop without all the added hassle of taking care of it. Perfect for anyone who has a habit of killing their plants! Be sure to check it out!

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6. Bild Poster Pack

Straying away from Target, we’re heading over to IKEA, the Swedish King of beautiful, and affordable home pieces. I’m sure we’ve all heard of IKEA before this. Here, you can find desks, chairs, couches, and like this product, posters!

This poster 2-pack — for only ten dollars — is a must have if you’re someone who wants more art in their house. It’s not too flashy, but not too minimalist either; it’s simplicity is what makes it great to hang up in a beautiful black or gold frame.

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7. Classic Corner Shelf

Ever needed a bit more decorative storage in your life? Ever wanted a corner shelf? Corner shelves are an easy and stylish addition to your walls. They add just a little bit more room so you can put any fake plants, any figurines, or a candle.

Home Depot has a wonderful selection of corner shelves and affordable home pieces, but the sleek black look on this corner shelf seals the deal. It comes in white and is also only ten dollars! Go check it out!

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8. Custom Wooden Photo

This particular product is a bit more personalized, and sentimental. This works as an excellent anniversary gift, wedding gift, or just a way to remember good memories with whoever you’re with. I’m sure you, your partner, or whoever you give it to, will be lucky to have it.

Etsy is a wonderful place for art, and this product is no exception. This product has many, many reviews raving about the quality, and how good it looks, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be getting a quality product! Happy gifting!

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9. Andorra Watercolor Floral Sheer Curtain

From small creators to big companies, Walmart has just about all the affordable home pieces that you can think of, and even more. Curtains is no exception. These sheer floral curtains is just the right thing for a dainty, beautiful living space. Against a white background, these curtains look exceptional.

These curtains range from nine dollars to twenty four, depending on how long or big you want them to be. They’re dangerously affordable; you can’t pass this up!

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10. Livsverk Blue Vase

Let’s take a trip back to IKEA, shall we? Do you have flowers or plants you like to keep? Got any fake flowers or plants? This blue vase is ideal for any foliage you want to display. It’s simplicity and elegant design will gracefully compliment anything.

This vase would make a great centerpiece, or look fantastic on a windowsill with a couple of hydrangeas inside. And it’s only thirteen dollars! Be sure to snag it!

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There you have it! Whether you’ve been stuck on how to decorate your house on a budget, or just wanted to window shop, these ten affordable home pieces are great for any home. They’ll surely be great for yours. Happy decorating!

Which item affordable home piece did you like the most? Comment down below and let us know!

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