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10 Morning Routines By Successful Women You Look Up To

10 Morning Routines By Successful Women You Look Up To

Women in general, are exponentially amazing, but they become even more amazing when a routine or habits are added to their daily to-dos. Here are 10-morning routines by successful women you look up to. 

1. Oprah Winfrey

Everyone knows Oprah and if you don’t, you might need to officially come out of that rock you have been hiding under from all this time. She came from nothing but never let that stopped her. She had an eagerness to learn and from that, it inspired others to do the same. She went onto become the most well-known talk show host of all time and has changed many of our lives along the way. She is by far what we call an inspiration to say the least.

Oprah’s morning routine:

  • Oprah starts the day by waking up around 6am every day. She will then go and let her dogs out and make an expresso. After that, she will practice multiple spiritual activities such as meditation.
  • Then she will work out for about an hour.
  • She then takes the time to get ready and be present in the day. She realizes that spending some time with yourself will help with navigating the rest of her day.
  • By 9am Oprah is ready to start cracking down on work! It’s all about business during this period of time until 12:30pm. She works on having phone calls, video conferences, finances, podcasts, meetings with her TV network and magazine. 
  • At 12:30pm it’s about time for lunch where she always invites new people to come and join her. 
  • 2pm she is back to work!

2. Julianne Hough

Julianne has become very well known over the years. She is first and foremost known as a dancer! She started off very young professionally dancing with her brother Derek Hough and from that point on using it throughout her life. She is also a singer and actress as well! As she learned about herself and what success meant to her, she realized that who she was was not exactly who she wanted to be. Julianne really has taken the time to come up with a successful morning routine that works for her. 

Julianne’s morning routine:

  • She starts her mornings by waking up with fun music and a glass of lemon water to energize her.
  • Then she practices breathing exercises to wake up the mind and body.
  • She follows this practice with a 20-minute meditation.
  • Julianne lets go of any anxieties and fears by writing 3 pgs in a notebook of whatever she wants to talk about.
  • Then she continues with a run and her own Kinergy class
  • Makes a healthy breakfast + supplements
  • Reads for 15 minutes
  • Showers and gets ready for the day
  • Meetings

3. Beyonce

Beyonce is what we call a WOMAN. She is the definition of a strong independent woman that knows what she wants yet, knows how to get what she wants. Her music touches all of our souls and without her, the world wouldn’t be as magical as it is. She’s beautiful in every way and without a morning routine, she wouldn’t be as strong as she is today!


Beyonce’s morning routine:

  • 6am she starts by taking the time to be with herself. She writes out what she is grateful for and what her intentions are for the day. Knowing her intentions for the day helps her with achieving her goals.
  • Beyonce then goes into meditation to gain clarity. 
  • By 7am it’s time for breakfast. She is usually on a plant-based diet but doesn’t become extremely strict with it until her big shows. 
  • 11am is her workout time! She works out 3-5 days a week, but usually, every day consists of multiple hours of dance. 

4. Kim Kardashian 

Kim has become one of the most famous beauty icons in the world. She and her family are known for being a bit crazy, but we can’t help but watch what is going on when Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs on TV. She is a smart woman, wife, and mother to 4 beautiful children. Her morning routine helps her maintain her busy lifestyle.

Kim’s morning routine:

  • 6am Kim wakes up and usually goes for a 30-minute run.
  • She will then come back and do some toning exercises for another 30 minutes.
  • After her workout, she will check on her children and get them ready for the day.
  • 8am she eats breakfast.
  • 9am is time to start getting ready for the day.
  • Hair and makeup may have to come in depending on what her day entails or she will get ready by herself. 
  • By 11am she is ready for what the day has to bring her.

5. Gisele Bundchen

You may know Gisele as being one of the topmost beautiful Victoria Secret models in the world, or you may know her because she married NFL player Tom Brady. Either way, she has become the face of success and beauty all in one. She is a hard-working, healthy, spiritual, and determined individual. She is also an amazing mother of 2 children! How does she do it? Let’s take a look at her morning routine.

Gisele’s morning routine:

  • Around 5am-6am Gisele starts the day by doing an oil pulling technique. If you don’t know what that is, it is where you swish around an oil such as coconut oil around in your mouth for about 15 minutes. Why this helps is because it takes out all the gross junk that sits in your mouth.
  • Next, Gisele spends 5-10 minutes meditating each morning. She says that it’s important that you keep your spin up tall because that is how you get the flow of energy that you wish to accumulate. 
  • After meditation, it is time for a workout. Gisele likes to use the elliptical with audiobooks or youtube videos. 
  • She then makes breakfast for her children and herself while having a glass of lukewarm lemon water to help her hydrate and boost her metabolism. 

6. Ellen Degeneres 

Ellen is known to be one of the kindest people on earth. She is so warm and giving to all. She has been through a lot in life and yet she teaches everyone a very important lesson which is to never let the things that happen to you bring you down or for that matter don’t bring others down with you. She encourages giving back to your community, positivity, and dancing every day! She continues her positivity by using a great morning routine.


Ellens morning routine:

  • She wakes up around 6:30-7am with a coffee.
  • Ellen then enjoys having a morning walk with her wife Proscia and dogs along the beach
  • After that, she does Yoga for an hour and a half followed by crunches.
  • Continuing, she does a specific type of meditation called Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes to reduce any stress and anxiety. 
  • After, she eats a vegan breakfast such as banana and oatmeal pancakes. 

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is what we idolize to be one day. She has started as Jenny from the block but has become a powerhouse. She inspires all of us to fight for our dreams and to create a life we truly want. She is a businesswoman, actress, producer, singer, wife, and mother. Her morning routine guarantees that her days are truly amazing. 

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Jennifer’s morning routine:

  • Jlo wakes up around 6am every day and starts it by spending time with her family.
  • By 6:45am she is making breakfast for her children and herself which is usually a protein shake. 
  • At 7:45am she is ready for an hour-long workout.
  • 9am she does positive affirmations, gives gratitude, and meditates
  • Lastly, she gets fully dressed and ready for the day. 

8. Jennifer Aniston

We can’t forget Jennifer as Rachel in our favorite sitcom Friends. She has been apart of our households since the ’90s and we can’t get enough of her. She is incomparably beautiful, smart, funny, and kind to all. For everything she does, she has a thoroughly detailed morning routine that makes her the woman she is today.

Jennifer’s morning routine:

  • She wakes up around 8:30-9:00am. 
  • Jennifer refuses to have any solid foods until it’s been officially 16 hours from the last food she had the previous night. 
  • She drinks hot water with lemon.
  • Drinks celery juice.
  • Splashes face 25 times with ice water.
  • Then actually washes her face with a cleanser.
  • Feeds her dog.
  • Meditates for 10-20 minutes.
  • Works out for 30-40 minutes by either spinning, yoga, training, boxing, running, or elliptical.
  • Drinks black coffee.
  • Gets ready for the day.

9. Anna Wintour

Legendary Anna Wintour is the definition of hardworking. She is known as being the muse for the movie Devil Wears Prada. Anna is the editor-in-chief of the magazine Vogue and without her, Vogue would be nothing. She swears that a daily routine leads you to success.

Anna’s morning routine:

  • 4-5:30am Anna wakes up and reads the British and American online newspapers to know fully of what is occurring in the world.
  • She then plays tennis for an hour, 4 days a week.
  • By 7am a hair and makeup artist shows up to do Anna’s hair and makeup.
  • Her chauffeur comes to pick her up.
  • She is at her desk by 8am with her Starbucks coffee ready to work.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Many know Gwyneth as an actress, but over the years she has really become well known in the health and wellness field. She has created her own company called GOOP, which we all are obsessed with! She is beautiful on the inside out, and through her morning routine, she takes the time to be present and healthy in every way.


Gwyneth’s morning routine:

  • At 6am she wakes up and makes a smoothie every morning.
  • At 7am she wakes up her children for them to get ready for school.
  • By 9am she’s in a workout sesh for around 45 minutes of dance aerobics and toning exercises. 
  • She then showers.
  • Meditation when she isn’t in a rush.
  • Gwyneth also tries to get in a pre-workout facial sometimes since her life consists of looking beautiful as well. 
  • By 11am she is off to work!

Having a morning routine is so important! What’s your favorite morning routine ritual? Comment down below to let us know!

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