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What You Need To Do The Morning After Blacking Out

What You Need To Do The Morning After Blacking Out

Whether it was that last shot or mixed drink that sent you over the edge, we all have been there.This is how to recover the morning after blacking out!

If you’re in college, you definitely have had a night that you took one too many tequila shots or your mixie was 90% alcohol and 10% OJ. We’ve all been there. Instead of reaching for your phone to check your embarrassing booty call texts, follow these steps back to reality!

1. Erase the Snapchat stories and misspelled social media updates

You never want to be the one who always plays up how much they are drinking online (classy level 0). So erase the posts and texts, it doesn’t help you to overthink the embarrassment. Better not to dwell in the past, so remove the regrets from anywhere in sight.

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2. Get water ASAP

Put it in a shot glass if that’s the only way you can get it down. After a night of heavy chugging your body is like a dry sponge, not good for your immune system, skin or intestines! So drink up.

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 3. Shower it off

You may be covered in mysterious dirt, scratches and the various drinks that were definitely spilled on you. Don’t freak out. Just put your clothes in your laundry basket and get yourself clean because you will feel much better! After a relaxing shower, throw on your favorite oversized hoodie and watch some Riverdale or Gossip Girl in bed.

4. Go to the bathroom

TMI but the morning after drinking your body wants all of the liquor out of you, any way possible. Whether it be throwing up or sitting on the toilet for an hour; get it all out, your stomach will thank you.

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5. Eat something with low sugar levels

The last thing you want is the candy sitting on your desk or oreo crumbs in your bed from the night before. Get yourself something that will soak up your Malibu Rum like toast or a bagel; carbs are your friend today.

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6. Apologize to your bff that obviously took care of you

The final step to recovering after an epic night is to thank the girl that held your hair when you thought you were going to yack for an hour straight. These people are the real Clark Kent’s, thank them and say you will watch out for them next time and they will be over it in no time.

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Overall, if you don’t have a blackout night while at school you’re doing college wrong. The best thing you can do for your future self is knowing how to get up the morning after. A betch always brushes herself off, gets some avocado toast to munch on, throws on comfy clothes and moves on from a shameful night. Now so can you!

Do you have any other tips for the morning after blacking out!? Share in the comments below!

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