10 More Unique Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of Before


Staying within the norms of regular day to day life is comforting. But sometimes it just feels like far too much of a hassle to keep up with. Sometimes you want to kick back, relax, and let loose. Go a little crazy. And there’s no better way to experiment with bizarre and unusual things than a good mixed drink, consumed responsibly of course. So here is a list of unusual cocktails you can make or order for yourself the next time you’re looking to live just a bit on the weird side.

Fuzzy Navel

Now you’ve probably heard about this drink in passing, but have you ever actually tried this unusual cocktail? Sure, it has a pretty odd name, but I’m willing to bet that you don’t know what goes into this exciting concoction. Well, surprisingly enough, it’s a pretty easy recipe to come by. All you’ll need to make such a thing is peach schnapps and some orange juice. Excellent addition to this mix is also just a bit of champagne and sugar if you have any on hand. Overall, this drink is defiantly more on the fruity side. Great for a brunch of some sort to go with alongside any screwdrivers or mimosas.

10 More Unique Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of Before

Drunken Sailor

This drink is a variation for those looking to spruce up the classic rum and coke, without too much pomp and circumstance. Even so, it’s not quite the rum and coke that you will remember it to be. The unusual cocktail seems to elevate this drink just a bit to the point where, while not unpleasant, it doesn’t taste like a standard rum and coke anymore, but rather a slightly improved version of the drink. All you need is an excellent spiced rum, lemon juice, citron vodka, salt, and of course, diet coke. Mix all the ingredients in a shake and pour your drink out into a pilsner glass.

Short Trip to Hell

This drink is certainly going to knock your socks off if you’re not expecting it. Usually coming out with a fiery bright red color, everything about this is absolutely a contender for why it could be listed among the unusual cocktails that are in this lineup. The ingredients are an elective mix of Jägermeister, peach schnapps, strawberry schnapps, wildberry schnapps, and a Redbull. It goes without saying that if you’re not expecting what this drink has in store for you, after your first sip, you will undoubtedly be pulled back with a punch to the face of flavor. So why not see the sights and try a short trip to hell?

10 More Unique Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of Before

Devil’s Drop

If you are a fan of citrus, then this is most definitely the drink for you. Though do be wary since there’s no doubt this drink will try to pucker your mouth without even batting an eye. This is one of the lesser-known unusual cocktails on this list, at least I’ve yet to hear of it before researching this article, but it’s certainly a refreshing and devilishly good drink. Not to mention that it seems relatively easy to make too. All you’ll need is a bit of Jim Bean, some limoncello, a bit of lemon sour, some fresh mint, and a lemon wheel if you want to make it look fancy.

Rob Roy

The Rob Roy, also known as the Scotch Manhattan, really isn’t that crazy compared to some of the other unusual cocktails on this list, but even so, it’s a nice change of pace nonetheless if you’re looking for something to change the game slightly. Perhaps not go as wild and crazy as a trip to hell, but still a little bit of a change of pace that will keep you on your toes. The ingredients are just Angostura bitters, a bit of scotch whiskey, some sweet vermouth, and a maraschino cherry to top it off if you feel like giving yourself a bit of a garnish. Sweet, simple, but oh so unique.


For the simple gin drinker, there is possibly no better among the line up of unusual cocktails to try, other than the humble and like-minded Gimlet. Not only is this cocktail super easy to make, and the ingredients are probably one of the most abundant around on this entire list of unusual cocktails. The concept is basic: take two parts gin, and one part lime juice, mix them, and serve. Now you may be thinking to yourself, that’s it? Really? And to those scoffing at such a simple drink, there’s good news for you as well. There are several variations to this drink, allowing for mixtures of fruits, herbs, and spices for all tastes. So if you’re looking for an unusual drink that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, try the gimlet.

10 More Unique Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of Before

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Brass Monkey

This is undoubtedly among one of the more eclectic, unusual cocktails that you’ll ever come across. While indeed not a bad tasting drink, it has a particular taste to it, which can be very peculiar if you are not expecting it. Made from a mixture of dark rum, orange juice, and vodka, this is a surreal tasting mix between a screwdriver cocktail and something that you’re probably unfamiliar with. If you’re truly ready to walk the wild side, then challenge your taste buds to this drink.

Holly Jolly

For those who miss the holiday season with a festive drink and wish that they could carry that joy and celebratory nature with them all year round, well, there’s a drink for that! The holly jolly is somehow a very festive drink for the holiday season but also an incredibly refreshing drink for those hot months in the summer, making this an all-year-round drink. Made of a mix of hard lemonade and cranberry juice, as well as some pomegranate seeds for extra flavor and mint for garnish, there’s no mistaking this unusual cocktail.


This is a drink that you certainly need to clarify what you’re talking about, so people don’t make any assumptions. Probably one of the most crassly named unusual cocktails on this list don’t let the name fool you. This drink is amazingly useful to have, even if it has an unfortunate namesake. Comprised of whipped cream, amaretto liquor, and a bit of Irish cream all poured into a layered shot glass, the taste is sweet and delightful. Just be sure you’re friendly with your bartender before ordering it.

10 More Unique Cocktails You Haven’t Heard of Before

The Chee Chee

Finally, on this list, we have the chee chee cocktail. While certainly one of the lesser-known of unusual cocktails on this list, it’s an intriguing drink that has fruity, yet dry and sour notes. It’s comprised of a slice of muddled blood orange, dry marsala, bourbon, and amaro. What is an amaro, you ask? Amaro is an Italian herbal liqueur that offers a bittersweet flavor to the whole thing tying the entire flavor profile together in an excellent cohesive package.

Do you have any unusual cocktails in the lineup that we missed out? Comment down below to let us know! 

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