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10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

Memes. We all know what they are and what they do to us. The place to find relatability and laugh about different life struggles as a social media community. Memes make us feel less alone in all the struggles that life hits us with. Just when you want to give up, memes pick us right back up. Here are 10 monumental memes that keep us going. 

1. Trollface 

We have to give the OG’s some credit. Without them, the meme game wouldn’t be where it is today. The meme that started it all. A flashback of memories comes with this one. The face itself gives off very mischievous vibes. The thing about this meme is that the internet hadn’t seen anything like this before.

The internet blew up with endless zoom-ins of this face in a comic-strip format. The face itself allowed for the internet to become creative amongst this new internet hype. This meme set the agenda and created a new chapter in internet history. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

2. Harambe 

That’s right! We’re going to bring this back. The infamous gorilla that was killed/died to due to a child jumping in the Gorilla exhibition at a Zoo while being unsupervised. How can a gorilla be the hype for all of the social media? 

This monumental meme gave the internet community something to laugh, judge and sympathize over. The meme was so impacting that it even ended up on voting ballots for the 2017 elections. This meme gave people a way to comedically judge “bad-parenting” and sympathize with the loss of a Gorilla simply “vibing.” 

R.I.P. Harambe 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going


 Spongebob memes 

Buckle up! Its time to officially go there! Not only do we love these memes because they’re funny, but we also love them because they’re hidden gems re-birthed from childhood. We all watched and love Spongebob. Shedding it in a new light brings a nostalgic comfort to common day struggles. 

3. Tired Spongebob

“When you indulge in the whole basket of nachos and you see the waiter bringing your food” 

Yuuup… It really do be like that. Oh man, it’s so good and fun. It makes you wonder what episode and at what exact instance did a Spongebob scene transform into a meme? 

We’ve all had to push through something even when you feel like you can’t anymore. For all my introverted folks, this is exactly how you feel when you have to push your social radar a bit higher in a room full of extroverts. It’s a lot. 

Whether you’re forced to eat your restaurant meal after consuming a whole basket of tortilla chips beforehand or pushing yourself to be more social. This meme encompasses the struggle of feeling drained when doing something challenging. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

4. Shook Mr. Krabs 

Ever felt like the world is crumbling over you in a God-awful awkward/under-pressure moment? Yes! Of course, this meme resembles that exact moment! All of your friends want to go out to eat and they tell you to pick the restaurant. *Queue Mr. Krabs “shook” meme* 

We’ve all been there and felt it. This meme just captures the essence of it.

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going


5. Aight Imma Head Out 

It’s the first day of class. The professor reads out the syllabus. “Attendance does not affect your final grade…” We ALL felt that! This meme embodies that moment. Totally relatable for any uncomfortable or “NOOO WAAAYY!!” moment. Funny yet relatable in those moments where we wish/need to step out and take a moment. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

6. Squidward AWAKE 

Finally… out of school. Nothing to worry about. Time for bed. Let me fall asleep and drift into the abyss of relaxation… “OH CRAP! That assignment is due TODAY! AT MIDNIGHT!!” Typical college feelings. #Itbelikethat Obviously.. there are several monumental Spongebob memes that are #relatable, but… these are the ones that sealed the deal for the right moment. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going


7. You Can’t Meme 

Dang, it! A test coming up… I don’t want to fail… AHA! A loophole! “You can’t fail if you just drop out” 

*Insert stomach growl here*  “Man I’m so hungry… but the college budget got me messed up…”  AHA! “You can’t be hungry if you’re asleep.” 

Typical college struggles that college students face. Tend to run away from your problems and find loopholes in the system to avoid confronting them? This is the meme for you. Laughing about our problems and insecurities to make us feel better. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

8. The Cat and the Woman 

“Oh no! I didn’t do homework” 5 minutes until class is over… The teacher hasn’t once mentioned the homework. “I think it’ll be good… “

“Ummm teacher, aren’t you going to collect the homework?” 

*The whole class wails* 

The entire classroom is the woman. The cat is that ONE student. 

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Totally relatable… The perfect way to commemorate that one monumental moment. 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

9. The Lip Pout Meme 

*Spends $200 on online shopping* 

Shipping: $5.99 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going


The perfect ” I don’t know about that one fam..” moment. 

We catch ourselves guilty of doing this face as well, in moments where times are tough or you’re working your way through a specific situation, we’ve all done it! 

You have 3 exams, 2 projects, and a paper due all by tomorrow, but you decide to sleep away and forget about your productiveness. *Insert pout face here* 

This meme allows us to have a moment of silence while making that face to fully process what you’re going to do as a solution. 

10. HUH???

Me: ” Aww man my stomach hurts mom!”

Mom: “Well if you weren’t on that damn phone so much..” 

10 Monumental Memes that Keeps Us Going

Yes, the ultimate “What the heck?” or “Huh?” moment. We all have those moments. Ever been in class taking notes? You understand the material. Okay, all good. You look up after just one second and the entire whiteboard is bombarded with new and confusing information. Yup. 

A meme that captures the “WTF” moment. A meme that brings us the security of our own emotions, in a room where it seems like everyone is getting the memo. It makes us feel a little less left out and okay with the feeling of confusion. 

Memes are the perfect way to illustrate huge monumental moments we experience throughout our lives. They bring us comfort in moments where we feel uncomfortable. 

Are any of these memes your favorite one? Which meme captures your most monumental moment? 

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