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Monthly Cleansing: 5 Ways To Start Fresh

Monthly Cleansing: 5 Ways To Start Fresh

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many people are thinking about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Resolutions. Many people are thinking about what they want to start doing, stop doing, and maybe even things to try and get better at. New Year’s Day brings opportunity, optimism, and a fresh start! But why not have a fresh start every month instead of once a year? Either in your small dorm or first apartment, it is important to keep things clean and organized. It takes twenty-eight days to build a habit, but here are 5 things you can do once a month to help keep your dorm or apartment a little tidier. 


1. Clear The Air

Whether in a movie, television, or real life, most people have seen someone cleansing a space by burning sage. If you think about it, though, there are many ways to do this. Everyday people light candles, spray air fresheners, and plug-in wall-scents. So, let us do it with a purpose! Personally, I like to find fragrant incense sticks to burn, like frankincense or Moroccan rose. Many places have these, from your local Wicca shop to World Market. This way, you are burning wood that releases a beautiful smelling smoke that fills the air, instead of adding harsh chemicals to everything around you. With the incense stick, as well, you can walk around the edges of your dorm or apartment, slowly wafting it around windows and doorways, and leave it in its stand at the bottom of your closet to add the scent subtly to the fabric of your clothes. In this act, you can add thoughts of protection, of serenity, and mentally go through your list of goals for the next month.


2. Reflections

Next, it’s time to do a dorm deep cleaning. Regardless of how often you clean, whether you do a spring cleaning or do just a daily tidying up, the end of the month is a perfect opportunity to set things right. If the weather is cooperative, this is a great time to open the windows and let fresh air in. Making sure all windows and mirrors are spotless will help sunlight fill your space and present you will a clear vision. Love Home And Planet has branched out from beauty and cosmetics and now has cleaning supplies. You can now find a Love Home And Planet multi-surface cleaner that is dermatologist tested, cruelty-free, plant-based, vegan, and dye and bleach-free. With a washable cloth, you can wipe down all glass and mirrors and disregarded anything that might be clouding your judgment. This way you can show love for yourself, your home, and your planet.


3. Dusting Is A Must

I don’t know about you, but my least favorite chore is to dust. Granted, I do wipe down my most used surfaces a few times a month, but I do a deep clean with dusting during the cleansing process. Having to remove everything from a surface gives you a thoughtful moment… you can ask yourself why do you have this, why is it here, and do you need it? This gives you a moment to Marie Kondo your things, seeing what sparks joy and what can be sent to Goodwill. But also, this lets us wipe away a month’s worth of dust, dirt, and stress. Mrs. Meyers is another home and planet-friendly brand with loads of options for cleaning, including an all-purpose spray. Free of phthalate, parabens, and dyes, their products are also cruelty-free and meant for multiple surfaces. Safe for wood, great for counters, and don’t forget bookshelves and tv stands! This is another way you can show love for yourself, your home, and your planet.

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4. Laundry Day, See You There!

Nothing is more rewarding and relaxing than lying down in a freshly laundered bed. Sure, we have to wash our clothes as they get dirty, and we wash our towels once a week, but how often are we washing our sheets that we sleep in every night and live in every day? Regardless if you have college-ready bedding or invested in a UGG comforter, it is going to get dirty over time and there is no way to stop it. From what you wear to what your pets do, all sorts of things are making their home in your sheets. So, your monthly cleansing is the perfect time to strip everything from headboard to footboard and get it all washed and dried! From fitted sheets to pillowcases, from your teddy bear to blankets, it is time to make sure you are ready for the new month.

5. Where Do You Stand?

Last, but not least, it’s time to break out the vacuum! This can be the last step to the dorm or apartment cleansing process. To think about it, every day we walk on all the floors, from room to room, outside of the house to inside. We walk on our bare feet, with shoes, and share the space with our pets. Anything that might have been in their air has now landed, anything that was on our clothes is now shaken off, and anything that we have brushed off is now on the carpet. Though we may not think about it in our daily activity, every part of our lives intertwines with our floors. Luckily, there is an instant satisfaction when vacuuming, watching the carpet become brand-new with every sweep of your arm. Now, from ceiling to floor, you are ready to go!


In these difficult times, it is important to make sure your happy place is also a safe place. The more positive energy you put into your life, the more positive energy you will receive. With these five monthly cleansing steps, you will be able to have a perfectly fresh start to every new month! Comment below if you have any other tips and tricks for a healthy and happy dorm or apartment!