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20 Monogrammed Things You Need From Etsy

20 Monogrammed Things You Need From Etsy


Ughhh, aren’t monogrammed things the cutest?! If you have an obsession over anything monogram, you’ve come to the right place! Monograms can instantly make anything you own a lot cuter. Whether you’re decorating your dorm room, giving a gift, or proudly wearing your initials, here are 20 monogrammed things from Etsy that you absolutely need!

 1. A Jewelry Box

Every girl needs a place to keep her jewelry for keepsake. Important jewelry deserves a special box to store and protect it in, and there’s no better way to make it special than by monogramming it.

  This monogram jewelry box is so cute!


2. Your Name On A Bracelet 

Maybe you don’t want to buy an ordinary bangle or charm bracelet. Maybe instead, you want a bracelet that is personalized and unique to you. With this cute name bracelet, your style is bound to stand out because chances are you won’t be running into anyone with the same bracelet.

This monogram gold knot bracelet is so cute!  This gold mongram bracelet is so cute!

3. A Trendy Tote

Whether it’s for school, work, an internship or everyday life, a nice handbag is a must. You can carry all of your things with you, while also looking professional and stylish. With the pretty monogram on it, people will be sparking up conversations with you in no time, asking where you got your handbag from and telling you how cute it is.

  This monogrammed tote is so cute!


 4. A Flask Set

This flask set would make for a good 21st birthday present or a present for a maid of honor/best man. With its monogrammed flask, funnel, and four shot glasses, it is the perfect gift for a fun night out.

These monogram flasks are so cute!

 5. A Duffel Bag For Weekend Getaways

Duffel bags and luggage constantly get lost and misplaced at airports. With a monogram on it, your duffel bag will stand out among the other luggage, so you’ll know for sure that it is yours.

6. Cozy Pajama Pants

You know you can never have too many pajama bottoms. Instead of wearing the same worn out pajama pants that you have had for the past 5 years, treat yourself to a new pair. But not just any pair; treat yourself to a pair with a pretty monogram. Now you’ll have nice pajama pants to wear for the next 5 years.


These monogrammed pajama pants are so cute!  These monogrammed pajama pants are so cute!

7. A Matching Gloves and Scarf Set

If you’re like me, you’re constantly losing your gloves. Invest in a pair of monogrammed gloves and a scarf and you’ll be sure to never lose track of them because you won’t ever want to lose them. Since all gloves look similar, the monogram will make yours stand out and be easy to find.


8. Wooden Monogram Letters For Your Dorm Room

A wooden monogram letter makes for a unique room or door decoration. It will really personalize your room and make it look different than everyone else’s. This is definitely one of those monogrammed things you will want for your dorm room!


  9. A Jewelry Or Ring Dish

Is your jewelry sitting on your nightstand in a clump? Are your earrings and earring backs constantly falling on the floor? Then I have a solution for you: a jewelry and ring dish.

  these monogrammed jewelry dishes are so cute!

10. A Coffee Cup Decal

Make yourself stand out from the coffee-crazed crowd by buying a decal to personalize your coffee cup. Now you won’t have to worry about the barista misspelling your name on your cup.


11. A Rain Jacket

Finding a cute rain jacket isn’t always the easiest task. If you’re looking for a rain jacket that you will actually want to be seen in, buy a monogram to go on it. You might find yourself hoping for rain just so you can wear your special rain jacket (I do.)



12. This Floral Mug

This mug is cute to begin with because of its pretty floral design, but the monogram adds an extra touch to it. You’ll probably find yourself not letting anyone else use your special mug.

13. A Door Mat

A monogrammed door mat adds an extra friendly welcome to your home. Your friends and family will find reasons to come over just so they can see your adorable door mat. (Okay, maybe not, but they’ll still really like it.)


 14. A Cute Towel Set

A monogrammed towel set makes for a great party favor for a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah, or a nice housewarming gift. Every time the towel recipients use their monogrammed towels, they’ll think of you.


15. A Zipper Case

This zipper case can have many uses. It can be used for a travel pouch or maybe a pencil case. Whatever you choose to use it for, it’ll be bound to improve your life in some way.

16. A Fleece Blanket

The next best thing after receiving a homemade blanket is getting a monogrammed blanket. This blanket will make for great couch snuggles and movie nights.

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17. This Wristlet Wallet

What’s a girl without her wristlet wallet? With its super cute monogram, it’ll be hard not to rock this wallet. The only problem will be not overspending because you’ll want to shop everywhere with this wristlet wallet.


18. A Cell Phone Card Caddy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your phone, cards, and money all in one place? With a card caddy, your phone can hold all of your important cards and money. You just have to make sure you don’t lose your phone! This is among the many monogrammed things that will definitely come in handy.


19. An Apron

Get your mom, grandma, aunt, etc., a monogrammed cooking apron, and you’ll definitely be her favorite. The gift receiver might even make you some cookies to break in her stylish new apron.


20. A Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Chances are you have a cupboard full of old, gross water bottles that have seen better days. Get rid of those and treat yourself to a good water bottle that will last you for years. The monogram will make the water bottle so cute that you will want to take it with you everywhere you go. So basically a monogrammed water bottle will lead to hydration.



These monogrammed stainless steel water bottles are so cute!



If monograms are your niche, then these etsy monograms will suck you right in!

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