Monogram Your Dorm

Looking for a way to make your sheets, towels, and even clothes your own? Monogram them! Monograms are great way to label your sheets, towels, etc., without being tacky. And it makes for great gifts! If you’re going away to college and are afraid of losing your things, monogramming is a great way to avoid that. It’ll be hard for someone to steal your tote bag if it has your name on it. Or if you know someone who is moving into a new house or going away to school, getting them monogrammed sheets or towels is a good housewarming gift.

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At Lands’ End, you can get your things monogrammed for only 6$! You can put your initials on shirts, sheets, towels, laundry bags/hampers, jackets, and more! You can put up 10 ten characters on an item, meaning you can also put your name on your tote bag if you’d like. If you want to move around where the monogram is or what the thread color is, simply fill out the special requests form, and call once your order has been placed to specify what you would like to have changed. It only adds an extra day or two at most to your delivery time.



And, there are all different styles! If you want to put your name on your jacket, they have block lettering, script, classic, and chancery. If you’re simply putting your initials, they have even more choices like diamond lettering, circle, all lowercase, and more! Monogramming items for your dorm would really add that personal touch to your room, all while labeling your things. If you’re looking for that special touch, just check out Lands’ End. With all of their choices, you can find a style you like to help make your clothing and bedding uniquely yours.

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Shop at Lands’ End and get 4% cash back on your purchase, whether you add a monogram or not!

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