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10 Monochromatic Color Schemes For Your First Place

10 Monochromatic Color Schemes For Your First Place

Having monochromatic color schemes in your first place is the perfect way to make your home cohesive. It can be challenging if you do not have an eye for design, or if it is your first time living on your own. Using monochromatic colors can make a room look put together and organized without being too excessive. Some of the best ways to design any space are using simple colors that go well together!

1. Greenery Living Room

For anyone who loves being surrounded by plants, this is the perfect layout for you! This light green couch surrounded by plants of different shades of green creates a relaxing atmosphere for any living room. Adding accents of the dark green frame, lightly painted walls, and monochromatic green decor all around the space creates an inviting, comfortable area. Plants add so much to any space and are an inexpensive way to add decor to your room. This is one of my personal favorite monochromatic color schemes to choose from!

2. Orange Bedroom

If you want to have a colorful bedroom, but still want it to look sophisticated and age-appropriate, this might be the way to go for you. Layering different shades of orange onto the bed will add so much dimension and color to the room without being too excessive. Wooden frames and furniture will tie together the monochromatic color scheme of oranges to make the room cohesive. Small accents like the light orange frame on the mirror and the bedside decor will add to the color scheme perfectly.


3. Got The Blues

This living room idea is one of the more fancy options for a new home. This look can be achieved at an inexpensive price yet the monochromatic blues instantly creates a sophisticated, expensive look to any room. Having a variety of blues in your living room creates a fancy look that doesn’t need to break the bank to be achieved. The light rug combined with the dark couch makes the room work well! It is such a simple look, but the choice of colors will make it stand out in your home.

4. Comfy Living Space

If you don’t want to have anything too bold or bright, but still want to use monochromatic color schemes, this could be the right aesthetic for you! Creams, whites and neutral tones are the best way to create a cohesive living room or even bedroom without having any intense colors. It is incredibly easy to shop for the items you would need to recreate this room, the options are endless with creams and whites! These neutral tones make an inviting, cozy space that is perfect for reading a good book or a movie night in!

5. Grey Home

Using grey monochromatic color schemes is a great way to have a put-together look, again, without too much color. Having grey as the main color with bursts of black and white throughout creates a vibrant, elegant design. Finding a home with grey cabinets is easy to do, and all you have to do is find accents to fill the space with. Using different shades of grey throw pillows will tie the room together as well! If you don’t want anything too colorful or bold in your home, but still want a great color scheme, this could be the right fit for you.


6. Corals

Having a coral room in any part of your home is bold, but it is very aesthetically pleasing. These bright coral colors create an inviting space that instantly increases your mood. Corals used for any room in your home will lift your spirits and never leave you feeling dull in your home. Painting the walls two different shades creates a great dimension in the room and makes the colors feel less intense. Again, adding accents and throw pillows allows for the room to not be too overbearing yet still cohesive.

7. Purple Accents

This purple room is another one of my personal favorites. The walls are painted the lightest purple to where it wouldn’t even be necessary to paint your walls (especially if you are in an apartment). Using purple decor all throughout the space immediately makes it look put-together without having to actually go buy a purple couch or other bright furniture! Throw pillows, lamps, even little accents for the fireplace and coffee table make such a difference in this room. The curtains don’t necessarily have to be a bold purple to fit in; just use something like this one that has touches of purple throughout it!

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8. Bright And Yellow

Living somewhere that is already furnished or don’t want to necessarily go purchase a bright, bold couch? This look could be the right fit for you! Just like the orange bedroom we showed you, using wooden accents like the plant pots tie together well with the yellow colors. Having a bright yellow wall decor along with throw pillows and blankets is the best way to use monochromatic color schemes to put a room together.

9. Rustic Space

This rustic living room area is a simple yet beautiful way to design your first living room. It has a charm to it that makes it feel comfortable. Adding pops of color from the rugs and plants will make it feel less monotone and dark. All you need is a few extra colors like green and white to make the room feel bigger and you will have the perfect rustic space!

10. Red Living Space

Painting your walls a bold red is an outgoing decision, but it isn’t a color that will feel too overpowering in your home. It creates a warm, cozy feeling to any space and is easy to achieve. Using reds as monochromatic color schemes can seem a bit daring, but having neutral colored furniture and designing the surrounding space is the best way to go about it. Placing decor on the coffee table, couches and walls will make the room cohesive and bold!


Which of these monochromatic color schemes is your favorite look for your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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