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15 Monica Geller Outfits To Copy RN

Monica Geller’s outfits are the perfect inspiration for the 90s themed styles. Her looks on the classic show Friends have given so many of us ideas for 90s inspired outfits. She has a variety of styles, such as mom jeans, button-down tops, and mini and maxi dresses. Here are some of my favorites, along with where you can purchase similar products to recreate the looks!

1. Overalls With Tank Top Underneath

This first look is a true 90s outfit. Overalls have somewhat come back in style lately, but not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Wearing a tank or crop top underneath overalls have made this look more stylish within recent years. Yet, Monica takes this simple outfit and makes it stylish without even trying!

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2. Red Tank Top With Ripped Mom Jeans

Monica rocked this outfit of ripped mom jeans with a flattering, bold red tank top. Mom jeans are the most popular fit of jeans these days. Recreating this look will be easy and flattering for any style or occasion. 

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3. Floral Dress

This dress is the perfect way to feel dressed up yet still be casual and comfortable. Fit and flare style dresses are flattering and work for so many different occasions. It is styled with white sneakers to make it perfect for an everyday look. Monica pulls off this casual yet put-together outfit for any type of event. 

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4. Mini Dress With Long Sleeve Underneath

Now, this outfit might not be the most popular or trendy look in 2020. Yet, it can still be pulled off! Wearing a sleek mini dress with a long sleeve top underneath is the perfect outfit for cold weather without being too covered up. 

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5. Cropped Top And Striped Flared Pants

Out of all of Monica Geller’s outfits, this is one of the most likely to be recreated in 2020. Having a slightly cropped T-shirt paired with striped flared pants is one of the most flattering looks for so many different body types. With the loose fit of the top and slimming look to the pants, anyone can pull off this 90s styled outfit! 

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6. Button-Down Mini Dress

Recreating this outfit exactly might be difficult to do, but we found a great style of dress very similar to this. Monica wears this comfortable, flattering mini dress that goes well in so many different scenarios. The style itself is difficult to find in stores, but the overall look of this button-down dress is easy to recreate! 

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7. Suspendered Skirt With Button-Down Top

Monica Geller’s outfits are well-recognized from anyone who watched Friends. This outfit is one of my personal favorites of hers! She has a suspendered skirt paired with a button-down white top. The color combination is flattering for anyone to wear, and it is a versatile outfit for multiple occasions. Recreating this look will be sure to make you stand out in all the right ways! 

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8. Sleek Gown

Now, this outfit probably isn’t going to be recreated for just any occasion, but Monica still makes a statement wearing this sleek gown. You can wear a dress similar to this for prom, a greek life event, or a special night out. It is a stunning gown that any body type could pull off with the right style!

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9. Knit Top And Floral Skirt

Out of all of Monica Geller’s outfits that we have shown, this one seems like it will never go out of style! A knit top with a mini skirt is a look that worked in the 90s and it still works in 2020. Monica pulls off this chic yet oh so comfortable outfit, and gives us that 90s inspiration we’re looking for! 

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10. Striped Top And Jeans

This is one of Monica Geller’s outfits that is definitely casual and laid-back. You probably couldn’t get away with wearing this to any occasion, but for a simple day of running errands, hanging out with friends, or going out for an easy lunch it is the perfect look. It is the most comfortable outfit that you can wear in any color, any day! 

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11. Collared Top And Jeans

Monica Geller’s outfits are typically casual, laid-back looks for the most part. This collared top and jeans can be easily recreated and will always be in style. Although not the most ‘stylish’ look there is, it’s a look that never stops working. It can be worn with nearly anything added on as accessories and works for so many occasions. 

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12. Mini Skirt And Top

This outfit is still a popular look for young women to wear! A nice top with a mini skirt is often considered the classic holiday outfit, but it never goes out of style. Mix and match this with any color scheme of your choice, and you can rock this iconic Monica Geller look! 

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13. Casual Outfit

Now, Monica loved to wear outfits that were relaxed and comfortable. This look would probably be at the top of the list. She pulls off this collared button-down top with jeans for the perfect look for a relaxed day. 

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14. Little Red Dress

A little red dress can be hard to pull off, but Monica does so perfectly. This mini dress is one of the more iconic looks that Monica wears throughout the entirety of Friends. It is a stunning look that, with so many different options, is easy to recreate. 

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15. Oversized Yellow Jacket

This oversized yellow jacket makes a statement for any girl looking to wear this out! It is casual yet defines your personal style without going overboard. It’s one of the more memorable looks Monica Geller wears, and one of our personal favorites to recreate!

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Would you recreate any of Monica Geller’s outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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