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Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

If you have a family, going on holiday can be a chaotic time – you’re running around trying to make sure you have packed everything or trying to calm your excited kids down on the plane on the way there. While this article won’t tell you how to reduce the chaos you might experience, it will give you money saving tips on holiday abroad. 

1. Go all-inclusive

This is one of the most common money saving tips as it means it takes the hassle out of trying to decide where to eat every day by going all-inclusive.

While you might not spend all day every day stuck at your hotel, food and drinks are already paid for and the option is there for you to take advantage of it if you wish. 

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

2. Pack food in your suitcase

Be prepared and pack food in your suitcase whether they are small snacks like chocolate bars or instant noodles you can eat in your hotel room.

This money saving tip will mean that you won’t need to order room service when the restaurant is closed and you can save money on buying food when you’re out exploring. When all your food is gone from your suitcase, you’ll be able to make room for any souvenirs.

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

3. Buy food from a local supermarket

Stock up on food or water by buying from a local supermarket. You can buy things in bulk and it will last you the whole trip and will the majority of the time, be cheaper.

If you have a flask or water bottle, you can fill up your bottle instead of buying individual bottles of water every time you’re out and about.

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

4. Book in advance for excursions/day trips

Do your research about any excursions or day trips you want to go on. With popular trips, there are usually competitive prices or even early bird prices which is cheaper when you book in advance.

This can help you save money so where possible, book before you fly out or enquire in the local area for the best prices.

5. Budget

If you tend to spend a lot while you are on holiday and you are trying to cut down on costs, budget as much as you can. Limit your spending by setting a budget for each day and making sure to stick to it.

Budgeting will ensure you are not overspending and will make sure you have enough money left to last you the whole trip.

6. Bargain

Part of going on holiday is buying local goods and souvenirs at local markets or shopping centres. If you are a tourist, locals will expect you to bargain so don’t be afraid to negotiate!

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This will help you knock down those sky-high prices for cheaper (or more reasonable) prices. 

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

7. Take advantage of travel/tourist passes

Most countries abroad will have travel or tourist passes which can give you discounted prices on public transport or tourist attractions. Or in some cases, you can get a tourist pass which combines both travel on public transport and free entry to specific attractions.

This is a good money saving tip for getting your money’s worth when travelling around to explore and visiting popular attractions.

8. Take public transport

If you need to travel, take public transport or wherever possible, walk. Taking public transport is a great way to take in all your surroundings and is a cheap way to get around.

Avoid taking taxis as they are usually expensive and taxi drivers can be renowned for scamming tourists by charging ridiculous fares. If you really need to take a taxi, make sure to agree a price with the taxi driver beforehand.

Money Saving Tips For Families On Holiday Abroad

Which of these money saving tips will you be trying out on your next family holiday abroad? Tell us in the comments below!

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