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Money Making Solutions For Students In Tallahassee

Money Making Solutions For Students In Tallahassee

Tallahassee is a city with what seems like too many students and not enough jobs. Finding money solutions while in school can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to look. Not to mention, the many expenses that come with being a college student. These are some suggestions of places to apply as well as other ways to make an income in Tallahassee.

Apply to FSU Recreation

The majority of the time, FSU campus recreation is looking to hire students. There are numerous money solutions for your wallet if  you search their website or apply in person. FSU recreation hires group class instructors, personal trainers, front desk employees, as well as office jobs. If you’re interested in becoming a group fitness instructor, FSU also offers a free program in which you can become certified. The program entails various classes and one exam at the end, but it is all free of charge and applicable to other fitness studios/gyms. Working at the Leach is especially convenient because it is located on-campus and you can also work with people of similar interests. Not to mention, many students work at the Leach so it is likely they are understanding of class schedules and holiday breaks.

Work at your college

Within every major, there are jobs available only for students accepted within that specific college. Working at your college is a great addition to your resume, and also a convenient on-campus job. In addition, these offices aren’t open late or on the weekends, so the hours will not be too strenuous or inconvenient for your social life. For example, many English majors work in the campus Reading and Writing Center. Adding this to your resume conveys a strong skill set in the subject you’re studying and will also strengthen your skills. For math/science majors, there is also the ACE tutoring center. ACE tutors are typically older students, who perform well in their classes and understand subject matters. If you enjoy teaching others and sharing your knowledge, this job is perfect for you. ACE is also located conveniently on campus, next to Chick Fil A. Working at your college or at ACE tutoring center are perfect money solutions that are relevant to your career path.


Check the FSU Facebook page

If you are not already a member of the FSU Facebook page for your class or any local Facebook pages for that matter, now is the time to join. Many times, local businesses will post if they are hiring, and for which positions. Many businesses also provide an email to send your resume and apply to the position from the comfort of your home. In addition, this is a great place to post and inquire if anyone knows of places nearby hiring. Facebook is a great resource for finding local jobs and places nearby to apply. If you aren’t sure where to start your job search, this is a great starting point. Also, posting a status informing your friends and family in the area that you are looking for a job, is great for maximizing your options. Many times, people find jobs through their friends or word of mouth. Keep your options open, and be sure to keep checking local Facebook pages. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your community and ask for help in your job search!

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Apply to local businesses

One of the great things about Tallahassee is the numerous local businesses and restaurants filling the city. Large corporate-run businesses can be less than ideal for students because they are rarely flexible with scheduling and require in-depth interview processes in order to be hired. Because local businesses are on a much smaller scale, becoming hired often does not take as long or require as much experience. Going off that, local businesses are aware that the majority of people looking for part-time jobs in the area are students. This means that many local businesses and restaurants are flexible and understanding of class times and holiday breaks when it comes to scheduling. You will also likely be able to see and work with many other college-aged students. Take a walk through College Town, drive through midtown, or drive down Tennessee Street to find numerous local businesses to apply at. Many local businesses hire at the beginning of Summer, the end of Summer, or after Christmas time. Be sure to plan ahead so you can be the first to apply and secure a money solution with a business local to Tallahassee.


Self Employment

If all else fails, there are other money solutions in Tallahassee without a typical student job. Try cleaning out your closet and selling clothes to Plato’s closet. This may not be a reliable income, but it is a quick way to make cash- while decluttering! If you enjoy doing anything that could be offered as a service to others such as- photography, painting, applying makeup, tutoring, or babysitting, this is also another great way to make money. Taking advantage of your personal skills and knowledge and provide many more money solutions than you think. Try advertising your service or craft online and through word of mouth in order to maximize your marketing. Many people sell things such as handmade jewelry, custom game day shirts, paintings for Big/Little reveals, and so much more. If you are artistic, offering your services to paint fraternity formal coolers is also a money-making solution that many people would love. If you are more of a math or science person, you could offer private tutoring or homework help for struggling students. Advertise your service through social media or tell your friends to spread the word! Many students need tutoring but do not want to pay expensive fees so this is a great way to help others while finding your own money solutions.

Being a student at an enormous school such as FSU can make finding a job difficult. When searching for a part-time job in Tallahassee, try applying to local businesses, jobs within your major, FSU recreation, or start your own business. There are endless ways to make money if you take advantage of your resources and your creativity.

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