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Money Hacks Every Student Needs To Know

Money Hacks Every Student Needs To Know

Here are some money hacks that will help you save money. Earning money in college can be tough let alone holding onto it! Here's how not to spend too much.

When people first hear the phrase “college students” there is one word that comes to mind. No, it’s not hardworking, adult-like or responsible. It’s broke. People think all college students are broke- and it’s true. Now don’t get mad or call your parents begging for more money. Keep reading to find out money hacks that every student needs to know.

1. Skip the bacon sometimes.

No, I’m not saying give up bacon forever. That would be cruel. Choosing to opt-out on meat at restaurants will save you more money than you think. Just replace meat with guac and you’ve got a cheap and tasty meal.


Money Hacks Every Student Needs To Know


2. Being a student is (almost) worth more than gold.

Hear me when I say this. You can literally use your student status with everything. You wanna go to the movies, your ID will save you money on tickets. Just broke your phone and need a new one? AT&T offers student discounts. Need Microsoft Word for your class? Microsoft will give you not only Word but Excel, Business Skype, Powerpoint, and anything else  for free. Let that sink in.


3. There’s no cut-off for applying to scholarships.

You know all those scholarship sites you bookmarked when you were in high school? Yeah, you can still apply to those. I’m not kidding. There are sites that do scholarships for college students. If you’re worried about how you’re going to pay off all of those student loans, apply for some scholarships and ease your financial stress.

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4. Avoid HCSS (Hangry College Student Syndrom) and buy in bulk.

We’ve all had those moments. One day your room is stocked with snacks galore and the next thing you know, the only remains are a half-eaten cans of chili and some suspicious leftovers. Do your self a favor, buy in bulk. This basically means stock up on stuff you need. This way you save money and won’t have to keep going to the store. Costco is a good place to start. There are sites online like Boxed that  deliver right to your door. That’s right, you can be a lazy college student and get your grocery shopping done. Hallelujah.

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5. Help others while helping yourself.

You know those people who walk around campus handing out fliers? You can actually become one of those people. Companies like Pink, WayUp, and others hire students like us to promote their brands. Basically, you’re being paid your gossip and you work on your own schedule. How cool is that?

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6. Manage your expenses (or get someone else to).

In college, it’s easy to spend way too much money on eating out. Not only will this affect your health, but it will affect your money. Before you know it, you need to buy a textbook but can’t because you spent the money last week on pizza.  In order to avoid Sudden Missing Money Syndrom, get an app that not only budgets your money each week but lets you see where you are spending the most. There are hundreds, just pick the right one for you.

7. Use your talent.

This is tailored towards people paying their way through school, but anyone can do it. If you need money, use your talent to your advantage. English pro? Become an online tutor. Like books? Create bookmarks. If you make jewelry, sell it on Etsy. If you’re good at something, can use it to your advantage.

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Money is a complicated subject for adults, let alone college students. But follow these money hacks and you’ll be a little more secure.
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