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16 Modern Wedding Dresses For The Minimalist Bride

16 Modern Wedding Dresses For The Minimalist Bride

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, but not too hot, the venue is decorated, but not overflowing, and the honeymoon suite is ready. You’ve spent your life dreaming and your last year preparing, and now, here it is! The first, and hopefully last, wedding that you’ll have such a big part in is starting in an hour. What are you wearing? Something easy. Only the best dress for someone who wanted the best simple look. Here are over a dozen flawless. modern wedding dresses that are sure to stun your guests into silence!


History shows us that displaying shoulders used to be a scandal. Any woman who did as much was either crazy or too far ahead of her time. In this modern day and age, though, sleeveless is sexy. Showing skin is a wonderful choice for anyone with a summer wedding. This modern wedding dress is the perfect mix of chic and playful, generous enough to show off without seeming too confident.

Perhaps one of the most simple modern wedding dresses out there- without sleeves, but not without style!


Or Strapless?

Just because the bridesmaids are going strapless doesn’t mean you can’t too! Tasteful is the woman who is bold enough to pull this sassy simplicity. Modern weddings love modern trends, so why wouldn’t you follow their footsteps? This modern wedding dress style is ideal for anything in the warm weather, but it displays the simplicity of the bride by taking up as little fabric as possible.

Ballgown Basics

Sometimes, we want to look like we came from a fairy tale. The ballgown came into fashion in the late 2010’s, making it a modern wedding dress and giving off the air that the one donning it was a princess in her own rights. This is not so much a dress that clings as much as hugs, so for anyone worrying about restrictions, the style is more lax than the historically accurate gowns that we associate with princesses. It allows for room to breathe and spin effortlessly. The right material will have the bride’s skirt twirling in that perfect spiral around her as she moves across her dance floor.


Mermaid Marriage

Keeping in step with the fantasy fashion is this unique design for an easy-to-wear, “underwater” style. The mermaid dress splays out in the style of the mythical creature it was named after. A body-hugging thigh-length dress flows out into a large, fluffy skirt, creating the illusion of a fish tail that swims more than glides across the floor in little ripples. When it comes to rest, it droops perfectly in a slanted position. This style screams modern wedding dress if nothing else does, with just a hint of fantasy.


In Love With Lace

Lace is one of the few fabrics of life that women can call comfort in. Made correctly, it won’t itch as you walk down the aisle. No one wants to be scratching while she recites her vows! The best part of lace on a dress is that it is acceptable anywhere, from veil to arms and everything in between. Where it fits best on the modern wedding dress is up to the lucky lady, but the most common would serve as sleeves, best suited for a late spring or early autumn celebration.

Lace is elegant, but even in a modern wedding dress, it suits.

No Train, More To Gain

We won’t discredit the traditional train. It’s an element of fashion in royal modern wedding dresses and big marriages, and it gives off a sense of elegance that many other gowns lack. That being said, not having to worry about dirtying the fabric is a nice thought. There are numerous brides that have forfeited this heavy burden in favor of not having one at all. For the minimalist, this is an ideal path to travel. The less there is to wear, the more movement you’re allowed!


The Royal, the Regal, and the Refined

On the other hand, no one can argue with the satisfying results of a long train. Princess Kate herself had one that suited her rank beautifully, trailing after her down the red carpet of Westminster Abbey. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be anything fancy or fine. Even the simplest dress can have a train fitted, and there’s no shame in the extra fabric for this worthy cause. Modern wedding dresses can still hold some tradition!


Form-Fitting Fashion

To be in a modern wedding dress is to show off to your new spouse. You’re saying ‘look at me. See how in style I am, and how good I look doing it.’ There’s no doubt that any bride looks good in something that hugs her every curve, showing off her body. Though many women may have doubts, it is a flattering choice, and yet stylishly simple. 

Cold Shoulder

It’s rapidly growing, this love for showing shoulders. Any modern wedding dress is almost guaranteed to have some loss of fabric in favor of giving skin. This one is a bit unusual in the sense that the shoulder itself isn’t always revealed: sometimes, the wedding dress has fabric covering it and only shows the upper arm. Regardless of whether it’s a spaghetti strap or a full sleeve, this modern wedding dress has enough sass to warm all hearts in the dead of winter.


Modern wedding dresses call for cold shoulder- let's hope this bride doesn't take it literally.

Lavender, Lavender

White suits all, but who could pull off lavender? 2019 modern wedding dresses have been using color more and more as the year went on. Any wedding dress can be ivory or white or off-white, but lavender has soared into popularity rather fast. Though the pureness of white cannot be undermined, lavender shows off color in the wearer if they can mange it well enough. This modern wedding dress would be best suited to an early spring setting.


Low Neck

Here’s where daring comes into play. Low necks have always been questionable, but modern wedding dresses have incorporated them so much that they’ve come to be expected. Modesty is good, but why not show off while you can? Any modern wedding will love to see the bride with a neck that shows off some collarbone, and maybe even goes a little bit lower than that. It depends on the bride, but there’s no denying that the modern low neck wedding dress is beautiful.

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No Back

This is one of the prettiest options, in my opinion. No woman can say she’s wearing a modern wedding dress without having some part of her back showing. Not necessarily the entire back, mind, but even a little shoulder blade can go a long way. It does suit just about anyone, and it flatters the bride without making it too obvious. Modern weddings would put this in a fall setting, as crazy as it sounds: but that’s only because most of the time, the low or no back is often paired with long sleeves.

Leafy, Not Green

A common trend now is the involvement of nature and natural elements. This idea incorporates a bit of tradition, but mostly, it’s a modern wedding dress. This look gives off a sense of design importance, meaning the bride wanted something more than the typical white wedding dress, but it still says simplistic. The pattern is not too overflowing as long as it’s contained within the dress: the shoes and jewelry is questionable at times. Leave the leaves for the biggest part of the clothing.


For a modern wedding dress, consider the idea of nature elements.

Short In the Front, Long In the Back

Similar to the bravery of revealing shoulders, this is a modern wedding dress with less bold features. While maybe not showing shoulders directly, this wedding dress still gives off a sense of daring behavior one associates with showing skin. With a dress that comes up to the knees in front and down to the ankles in the back, it’s an easy way for you to move without worrying about stepping on your skirt at all. This would be ideal for a wedding where the bride knows she’ll be dancing her night away!


Jeweled Belt

Having a modern wedding dress doesn’t mean sacrificing design. Many brides today wear outfits adorned with a colored gem of their choice, or allow a pattern to be stitched into the lining of their skirts. The best method to remaining easy on the eyes is by adding one element of attraction, one thing that the eye is drawn to over everything else. A minimal-cost belt is one of the cheapest and most comfortable 

Plain and Simple

Of course, the most modern wedding dress is the simplest. No accessories, no designs, nothing except a white dress with traditional sleeves and no daring cuts. Modern wedding gowns may not seem so simple, but this is a timeless dress that never goes out of style completely. Simple, as any minimalist would agree, is key, and this wedding dress has it in a heap.


It stands to reason that the modern wedding dress isn’t only one dress, but can be displayed in a number of styles and still called trendy. Modern wedding dresses have a great benefit of being unique now that women are more free in their choice of styles. The best part is the fact that, no matter which style you choose, you have some element of modern in the dress. Whether showing skin or letting a new pattern in, your wedding dress will be modern too- maybe in a way that you did not expect!