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Mocktail Recipes You Need To Try

Drinking isn’t for everyone, which is totally fine! Sometimes it can be because you’re too young, trying to cut back on your alcohol intake, or simply aren’t a fan of the taste of alcohol. If you are someone who is of legal age but would prefer to not have a strong drink this list is for you. Below are a few mocktail recipes you need to try. Oftentimes social gatherings include alcohol and these drinks will ensure you’re not missing on any any delicious treats.

The drinks below are anything but boring, they’re delicious without the added liquid calories alcohol carry. These will ensure you’ll have a good time without compromising your health. Plus you won’t have to worry about waking up the next morning to a hangover. The mocktail recipes are interesting and not at all childish, you won’t feel like a preteen with these drinks. In fact these are so good your guests will end up preferring these over their strong drinks. 

Keep scrolling if you’re craving some mocktail recipes that will blow your mind and impress your dinner guests. 

1. Blue Lagoon Refresher

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean you have to start acting like it’s over. This is one of those mocktail recipes that will have you craving your toes in the sand all year long. From the blue coloring to the berry garnish everything about this mocktail screams easy and breezy. With just one sip you’ll start hearing the sound of ocean waves.

2. Moscow Mule

Moscow mules are a classic drink and a favorite of many because it doesn’t actually taste that alcoholic to begin with. Take it a step further by completely taking out all of the alcohol. This mocktail recipe will teach you how to make this moscow mule without adding a drop of liquor. The end result is something so good you’ll be surprised it isn’t an actual moscow mule. Bonus points if you have an actual copper mug. 

3. Nojito

This “nojito” is one of those cocktail recipes that is as good as it is cute. It will satisfy your thirst and crisp craving for a good drink without any alcohol. Mojitos are naturally refreshing drinks that people can’t help but sip on all night long. This is perfect if you’re having a girls night in or even preparing to go out. A mojito itself isn’t super strong but taking any trace of liquor away will ensure it’s totally smooth and easy to throw back. The recipe below will teach you how to accomplish this nojito. The cute garnish optional. 

4. Virgin Sangria

Sangria is a thirst quenching summer drink. The mocktail recipe below will teach you how to make it for a crowd. You’ll be able to make a pitcher for this and have it for a few days or take it to a gathering. This is great for a family party where there will be young children or young adults who just can’t quite drink yet. While sangrias are more popular during the warmer months this virgin sangria would still be perfect for the upcoming holidays. Or it will even be delicious if you want something for a simple girls night in. It’s something that can be made quickly and easily but it’s still a pretty impressive drink. 

5. Mimosa

This is one of those mocktail recipes that was meant to be made at party. This mimosa was created to be drank during Mother’s Day. It takes away the champagne but leaves behind a sweet, refreshing, and easier to consume drink. You’ll be impressed about the absolute rave reviews you’ll get on this during your next Mother’s Day celebration. This is great for people of all ages, so if you are already a mother you can share this with your children. 

6. Triple Citrus Virgin Mimosa

If you want a little more out of your mimosa mocktail recipes look no further than this recipe. This triple citrus virgin mimosa looks as good as it tastes. It has the perfect combination of citrusy juices that are combined to make the ultimate drink. What’s nice about this recipe is that it goes above and beyond. It won’t taste like a simple and boring juice drink, nor will it taste a liquid cavity. This triple citrus virgin mimosa is mature enough to enjoy without feeling like a small child on a sugar high. 

7. Virgin White Peach Sangria

Another great sangria recipe. This virgin white peach sangria is another way to enjoy your favorite pitcher of sangria, minus the wine. Peach season might be in May but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this all year long. In fact this drink would compliment the sangria recipe above, it will give your guests impressive variety when it comes to drinking. This virgin white peach sangria requires a lot of fruit and fun. 

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8. Margarita Mocktail

Margaritas are undoubtedly strong and can lead to an even stronger hangover. If you’re not interested in waking up to a headache and feeling seriously dehydrated this mocktail recipe is for you. The recipe below will teach you how to make this margarita mocktail minus any tequila. You’ll enjoy everything great about a margarita without any of the cons of the drink. 

9. Strawberry Margarita

If you just can’t get enough of these margarita mocktail recipes here’s another one to satisfy your craving. This one requires strawberries. The end result is a chilled, pulsed, drink that you’ll be obsessed with. This is one of those mocktail recipes that will impress many people, people might actually be drawn to this over an actual alcoholic drink.

10. Virgin Piña Coladas

Just like that song! This recipe will show you how to make the perfect virgin pińa colada. This is a mocktail recipe that will have you sipping pretty poolside, if you’re lucky enough to lives somewhere that’s warm all year long. Even if that isn’t the case this will still taste amazing on any day regardless of the weather outside. This chilled drink is delicious and won’t give you any kind of hangover. 

What mocktail recipes are you going to try? Comment below!
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