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Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Whether you go for a relaxing evening at home, or a night out with a group of friends, beer isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, including myself. And, that’s okay, because that’s where mixed cocktails come into play. Depending on the amount of alcohol in the various drink combinations listed below, you might want to go back and make another one. Here are some two or more ingredient mixed cocktails you might enjoy if beer is not your drink of choice. This includes liquor, juice, and wine mixes. Per my usual advisory for these types of articles, which are some of my absolute favorites to share, please drink responsibly.

Rum and Coke

I put this on the top of the list because it is considered one of the most popular mixed cocktails known to man. All it is is cola (one may choose Coca-Cola), and any brand of white rum that butters your biscuit.

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White Russian

If you remember the 1998 classic Big Lebowski, then you probably remember that this is the “Dude’s” signature drink. This drink, made with vodka, coffee liqueur (notably Kahlua) and cream served with ice in an Old-Fashioned glass, was the Dude’s main concern as he was jumped and forced into the limo, rather than his own safety that was at stake. That must be how tasty this beverage is.

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Gin and Tonic/Vodka and Soda

I put these two mixed cocktails in the same category because they are essentially the same; liquor mixed with a fizzy chaser.  And the great thing is, it doesn’t have to be one set flavor of alcohol either. For example, you could mix a whipped cream flavored vodka with orange soda and make your own orange creamsicle. Or, you could mix sprite with a lavender-flavored gin and make a new spiked lemonade creation.

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It just wouldn’t be right if at least one of these mixed cocktail recipes was wine-based, especially if you’re one to not be able to take harder alcohol like others can. The combination of bubbles and the sweetness of peach makes for a tasty beverage. Along with Bloody Marys and Sea Breezes, they make for a perfect brunch drink.

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Purple Haze

If a mixed cocktail takes the same name as a Jimi Hendrix tune as well as a marijuana strain, then you know it’s going to taste as good as it looks. Combine simple vodka, black raspberry liqueur, and top it off with cranberry juice and a fresh mint garnish.

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Vodka and Juice

This is a good one that 1) has many variations of it with all the flavors of juice and alcohol in the world, and 2) is good if you’re wanting something sweet, but simple. One of the more known combinations includes the Screwdriver, which is just vodka and orange juice. If you really want to get creative, you could combine flavors like mango and pineapple, cinnamon and apple, or even banana and mango.

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Maui Island Breeze

Take your evening to the Hawaiian Islands with this mixed cocktail that is the epitome of tropical. And, I was a regular visitor of its warm, sandy beaches at one point and I still live for that sunset over the Pacific Ocean with the palm trees in the background.

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Going back to the more tropical mixed cocktails, this traditional Cuban highball contains white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda, and mint. You could even add flavors such as watermelon or mango and serve this drink with appetizers that go with where it originated. Since it is considered best served with a meal, one might boost the experience with seafood such as grilled salmon or shrimp.

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Irish Hot Chocolate/Coffee

Here’s a good one to add a little kick to your morning routine, or even at the end of your day. If you’re an avid alcohol enthusiast like me, you can’t not like a drink that’s been perfected with a little bit of Bailey’s Irish cream. This recipe is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your alcohol the way the Irish can.

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White Wine Spritzer

Calling back to all my fellow wine lovers out there, a combination of white wine, club soda, and lime could not go better together. According to Vine Pair, the best kinds of white wines (yes, there is more than one) to mix in this cocktail are “Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Grenache–all four have strong aromatic qualities, lots of fruity flavor, and very mild tannins. If you’re whipping up a big batch of spritzers, try using boxed wine or magnums.”

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Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer


Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this next fancy drink. This is probably one of the most basic mixed cocktails out there, but it really is the perfect blend of cranberry juice and lime, and vodka and triple sec for any night out. It doesn’t even have to be made at a lively nightclub to enjoy if quiet nights at the bar are more your style.

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Pina Colada

This next mixed cocktail is another one that’s more well-known, especially if you like getting caught in the rain and making love at midnight. The simple mixture of pineapple juice, coconut cream and rum make for the perfect tropical beverage for any kind of night. The best food to serve with this tropical beverage may include chicken satay or even coconut curry.

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Hot Apple Cider and Whiskey

If you’re planning for a warm night in if the outside is too bitter, depending on the season and where you reside, then this might be the perfect cocktail for getting in your slippers and sitting next to a warm fire with that added kick. If you’re like me and not as much of a bourbon whiskey person, you could always bring out the flavored whiskey to complement the hot beverage. One brand that is probably known the most for its variety of flavors is Crown Royal. Such flavors include apple (a personal favorite), vanilla, peach, and even salted caramel.

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Blue Lagoon

There are many mixed cocktails that you can add to the fun addition of blue Curaçao. Some of those include the Blue Hawaiian, Envy, Midnight Kiss, and countless others. This simple beverage is mixed with vodka and lemonade and can be garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry if you really want to get tropical.

Mixed Cocktails You Might Enjoy If You Don’t Like Beer

Which of these mixed cocktails would you order next? Would you make any of these at home, or for your next get together? Let me know in the comments below!

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