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Mix-And-Match Metals: 10 Ways To Wear Both Gold And Silver

In this modern age, so many things have changed including serious things like health practices and quarantine, but also things like throwing old fashion rules out the window! We are well past the years where you cannot wear white after labor day, where you cannot mix brown and black, where you cannot mix prints and patterns, and where you cannot mix metals! Fashion has evolved to welcome all sorts of new and unusual forms of self-expression and one of my favorites is wearing gold and silver together. So, here are 10 ways to do just that!

1. Bold Earrings

From simple posts to full ear cuffs, one of the most amazing things about earrings is the variety of style and design! To make a statement with earrings try not only wearing bigger pieces but multiple pieces, (like shown above). This way if your earrings are the only jewelry you are wearing for the day, they are as bright and bold as you are. For mixing gold and silver, a fantastic way to do this is by mixing the texture of the earring as well, such as shiny, matte, smooth, hammered, plain, braided, or maybe some with jewels. 


2. Subtle Earrings

Bold earrings are not meant for everyone or every outfit. Sometimes your earrings need to be a nice, subtle accent to your already amazing outfit. This can be done with simpler and smaller pieces, as gentle and delicate as a floral perfume. One way to achieve this, (like shown above), is by changing up the little shapes, though keeping the design uncomplicated. Try mixing and matching different earrings from different sets, alternating between the soft golds and fine silvers.


3. Bold Necklaces

Chokers, chains, layering sets, cloth, leather, metal, beaded, with gems… and the list goes on for the various styles of necklaces out there. “Statement” necklaces have been a thing not only for decades but for centuries. So, let us bring it into the modern age by manufacturing a combination of lengths, styles, and colors of gold and silver metals to really make that bold and beautiful mixture pop, (like in the image above). Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy, putting together pieces that you love is what is important.


4. Subtle Necklaces

Looking for something to go with a plain white tee and jeans? Look no further! Layering a combination of gold and silver necklace can still be done in a subtle and elegant fashion. When choosing focus more on thinner chains and simpler designs. Instead of gathering all the pieces close together, try and spread them apart, (like in the image above). This way, each one makes their own soft statement and is a gentle accent to your outfit. 


5. Bold Bracelets

One of the best things about bracelets is that they can be added to any look – casual, business, formal, doesn’t matter. With short or long sleeves, bracelets work all the time, you just have to know how to style them. In the case of styling them boldly, layering them with a watch, (like shown above), is a great first step. Outside of that, mix and matching the styles – like bangles, braided, chains, etc – can be just as fun and fashionable as mix and matching gold and silver. 


6. Subtle Bracelets

In this Age Of Information, it seems that most jobs involve a computer. As a student and writer, I have learned that a ton of thick bracelets are not comfortable after when having to type and navigate my laptop for hours on end. So, for a more subtle look, (like shown above), Alex And Ani bangles and Pandora charm bracelets are a great solution. Thin bracelets with minimal charms will still be lovely but gentle as you go about your day. 

7. Bold Rings

Some people can rock rings like Phoebe Buffay. If you are one of those people, you know how hard it is to put a collection of rings together. Now, with mixing and matching gold and silver, that process became a whole lot easier! Like earrings, a fantastic way to do this is by mixing the texture of the rings as well, (like in the image above), but you can also combine antique rings with new buys for a truly personal set. 

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8. Subtle Rings

I have worn maybe two rings at most on one hand. I have worn maybe two rings at most on one finger. So… if you are anything like me, subtle rings are the way to go. What I really love about layering two rings, (like in the image above), is that it is easy to fit sets that are meant to fit together. With the wonderful world of Etsy and custom orders, too, you can find the perfect combination of gold and silver and whatever else you need. 


9. Bold Purses

Gold and silver fabric? Check. Gold and silver hardware? Check. This is a bold and beautiful combination of gold and silver and is the perfect style of purse to add a powerful statement to your look. Just as many stores are starting to sell jewelry with two-toned metals, a lot of stores are starting two sell two-toned purses (of whites, blacks, silvers, golds, and even rose golds). Since we have to carry phones, wallets, keys, masks, and hand sanitizers now, why not do it with a fabulous purse, (like shown below)?


10. Subtle Purses

For something a little more subtle, (like in the image above), find a one-toned purse with the opposite-toned hardware. It is a little more simple, a little more subtle, but still elegant and sophisticated. The design can stay chic and uncomplicated and be used for everyday activity. With a summer linen dress or jeans and a tee-shirt, it is still a great way to mix golds and silvers. 

More than just some rule, having a combination of gold and silver opens up the fashion world to limitless possibilities. Comment below any other ideas and keep an eye on Society19 for other trendsetting news!

Molly Lynn Robinson

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