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Mitch Match Socks VS Mismatched And Other Phrases You’re Saying Wrong

Mitch Match Socks VS Mismatched And Other Phrases You’re Saying Wrong

Mitch match socks vs mismatched socks is not a saying. These are incorrect phrases you've been saying wrong. See the incorrect sayings in this article!

One thing I’m known for in my family is getting catch-phrases wrong; I’m commonly messing up catching phrases. My boyfriend makes fun of me for botching these sayings; in fact, I never live it down. Thankfully I’m not one to say mitch match socks vs mismatched socks; yes, that’s a real misunderstanding. Here is a list of common phrases you’re saying wrong … or other people are saying incorrectly (because I guarantee there will be one on here you recognize).

Mitch match socks vs. mismatched socks

Yes, this is quite a popular phrase that is commonly mispronounced. If you are one of those people, now you know.

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I could care less vs. I couldn’t care less

If you’re saying I could care less, which pretty much implies you care about the subject. Chances are you’re trying to say you don’t care about the topic at all. If that’s the case, it’s I couldn’t care less.

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One in the same vs. One and the same

One in the same really makes no sense if you think about. So guilty of getting this phrase wrong. C’mon, you know this is perfectly justified on the common phrases you’re saying wrong. Still, it doesn’t beat mitch match socks vs mismatched socks.


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You’ve got another thing coming vs. You’ve got another think coming.

I think the incorrect usage makes sense but apparently it’s wrong. Apparently you’re supposed to use it as follows: if that’s what you think, you’ve got another think coming. Okay, now it makes sense. I guess you’ve got another thing coming is now a popular saying insinuating a threat.

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See Also

On accident vs by accident

Shocking, I know (well, kind of).

For all intensive purposes vs. for all intents and purposes

Even Microsoft just tried to correct it to the proper saying. So guilty of saying this common phrase incorrectly.


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Still, can’t get over mitch match socks vs mismatched socks. Too good.

Let us know if you’ve said mitch match socks vs mismatched  in the comments below!
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