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10 Mistakes You’re Making When You Pluck Your Eyebrows

10 Mistakes You’re Making When You Pluck Your Eyebrows

There are a lot of benefits to plucking your own eyebrows, but you may be doing it all wrong. These are 10 common mistakes people make when they pluck!

Paying to get your eyebrows done can be costly and sometimes risky. You like your brows a certain way and sometimes a professional messes up the entire vision. Whether you had a bad experience or you just want to do them on your own, these are common mistakes that people make when they pluck their own eyebrows. Avoid them at all costs.


1. You’re not brushing your eyebrows before you start

Which means that you might end up plucking in the wrong places, since your eyebrows aren’t styled the way that you usually style them.

2. You’re not trimming anything

Longer hairs should be trimmed in order to keep shape. Unruly outliers should be plucked.


3. You’re mindlessly plucking

There’s a reason that people get paid to do eyebrows. It’s tough work! And it requires a lot of skill. I would recommend checking out a few videos or reading a few articles on eyebrow plucking if you’re unsure of your technique.

4. You’re not sure what shape you’re going for

You need a plan, a blueprint for what you want to do. For inspiration, definitely check out how your favorite celebs do their eyebrows. But never, never pluck your eyebrows cluelessly.

5. You’re over-plucking

Which may end up really screwing up your eyebrows in the future, if you damage your follicles. You want to pluck sparingly and carefully.


6. You’re using a dull tweezer

This isn’t something that gets mentioned a lot, if at all. But, a dull tweezer is a difficult tweezer. It won’t allow you to grab your eyebrow hairs and properly tug them out. If you feel like your tweezer isn’t working with you, invest in a new one. I absolutely love these tweezers from Tweezerman.

7. You’re getting rid of your tail

You don’t want your eyebrows to be too short. I’ve definitely messed up my eyebrow ends before, and had to use eyebrow gel all the time to make them look decent, until they finally grew back.

8. You’re pulling out hairs from the front

Do not ever pull out eyebrow hairs at the beginning of your brows. I have to emphasize this because roughhousing of this area will produce patchy, stumpy, uneven brows.


9. You’re completely relying on reference images and tutorial videos

I mentioned before that checking out some videos might be helpful. But you also have to remember that everyone has different eyebrows! And you know your body best. So don’t blindly follow an expert, if you feel like your eyebrows may need something a little different.

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10. You’re forgetting about “invisible hairs”


If you wear foundation, you might know what I’m talking about. A lot of girls have tiny blonde hairs that live around their arch. If you get rid of those too, your makeup will go on much more smoothly.


Do you have any other tips for people who want to pluck their own eyebrows!? Share in the comments below!

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