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10 Mistakes You’re Definitely Making When You Pluck Your Eyebrows

10 Mistakes You’re Definitely Making When You Pluck Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow plucking mistakes happen way too often. Here are 10 mistakes you're definitely making when you pluck your eyebrows and how to avoid them!

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows. Recently, it seems like everyone has become obsessed with doing their brows and making sure they are looking flawless for every occasion. Eyebrows are there to frame your face and they can either make or break your face with a couple tweezes. Chances are, you probably aren’t plucking those hairs the way you should be for optimal brows. There are a lot of eyebrow plucking mistakes you could definitely be making without even knowing it. So here are a few tips to keep you from sabotaging your brows when trying to shape and tame those hairs!

Dont make these eyebrow plucking mistakes!

1. Plucking immediately before applying makeup.

Are you are asking for breakouts? It is so tempting to pluck your brows when you see stray hairs while getting ready, but before you do that, consider the consequences. Your brow pencil or gel will clog the pores from your freshly plucked skin. Save yourself the awkward eyebrow pimple.


2. Tweezing before showering.

Taking a warm, steamy shower will open up those pores, but also loosen up those hair follicles, resulting in a primarily painless removal. It may be a little harder to grab those bad boys at first, but make sure your brows are dry and the hairs should easily glide out with minimal effort after showering.

3. Not creating a game plan/outline.

Many times, it helps to have an idea of the ideal shape you are going for to reduce over-plucking. A great tip is to outline the top and bottom of how you want your brow shape to be without filling it in. After getting both brows looking fairly similar, tweeze the hairs above and below the outline. This ensures you won’t accidentally remove too many hairs leaving sparse areas.

Dont make these eyebrow plucking mistakes!


4. Tweezing everyday.

Tweezing everyday often leads to miss evaluating how untamed your brows are really getting. Your excuse might be that you are trying to maintain your brows, but you might end up with no brows if you keep up with this habit. Doing your eyebrows once a week is probably best and it seems your hairs grow back faster, every 3 to 4 days.

5. Over plucking in between.

No one wants a unibrow, but separating your brows too much can start to appear odd. You can avoid this by creating an imaginary line from the corner of your nose through the inner eye and upwards. This can be a guideline for where your brows should start. Use this technique to ensure you will not get carried away with plucking in between your brows.

Dont make these eyebrow plucking mistakes!


6. Tweezing multiple hairs at once.

Although this may save you some time, there is a greater chance you pull out hairs you did not mean to remove. I also have to mention it is a hundred times more painful, so let’s just stick to one hair at a time. These tweezers from Tweezerman are perfect for precise plucking.

7. Pulling hairs too fast.

It is crucial that you remove those strays from the root to avoid ingrown hairs and get clean, maintained brows. So remember, pulling hairs too fast can lead to breakage which can look sloppy.

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8. Pulling hairs in the opposite direction of growth.

Just like shaving and waxing, pull your hairs out in the direction of your growth, so even when they grow back, they’re not growing back in weird directions.


9. Using dull tweezers.

Have you ever tried plucking a hair and the tweezer simply does not grab the hair? That is probably because your tweezers are dull. Many people do not realize how important a sharp pair of tweezers are until they get themselves a nice pair and see the results.

10. Using a magnifying glass.

It seems like the best way to make sure you have removed every stray hair is by using a magnifying mirror, but this is risky business. In that mirror, it may appear that you are doing a great job, but from afar it could look like a disaster. Use a larger bathroom mirror or a smaller non-magnified mirror in natural lighting to avoid any potential mistakes.

Can you think of any more eyebrow plucking mistakes we forgot to mention? Share in the comments below!

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