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Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

Our first dates are all about first impressions. Read below in order to assure you are giving off your best self the next time you see someone that you’re interested in dating.

1. Talking Too Much About Ourselves

You can’t blame your date for thinking you’re selfish if you talk about yourself the entire time. Unfortunately, it takes hindsight to see and understand the times when we’ve talked too much about ourselves on a first date. It is okay to indulge and talk about yourself for a while. But be sure to circle back around to your date with questions on who they are, what they enjoy doing, and where they love to travel. This way, you let your date know that if this thing turns into a relationship, you will care about them, and not be that self-centered partner we all dread.

Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

2. Wearing Too Much Cologne or Perfume

Our sweet, loving grandmother should be the only person exempt from being able to wear enough perfume to cause asthma attacks. Wearing too much fragrance is up there on the list of reasons your friend comes home from her first date and says, “Ehh, I don’t know about this one.” To reassure yourself that you won’t smell bad, take a shower beforehand, apply antiperspirant and give yourself two pumps of cologne or perfume at the maximum. The goal is to have your date be unable to smell your cologne until you approach them, not when you enter the room.

Personally, I only use deodorant, but that doesn’t meant you have to. I have gotten many compliments on my Old Spice Aqua Reef, so I’ve stuck with what works!

Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

3. Talking About Your Ex

It may be helpful to mention your ex if you happen to enjoy a longer relationship with this individual. Talking about your ex ON A FIRST DATE, however, is a no-no. It feels isolating and embarrassing when the person we are deciding to spend our own time with lets us know we are not as interesting as someone whose is not there. Show the person across the table that you are not only independent, but confident individual.

Tip: Bring up a story about one of your funny or clumsy friends or family members instead.

4. Being Over-Expressive

Let me tell you about a date I had… She laughed at everything I said. See, I do believe I’m the funniest person alive, but I know that I’m not. And I also know that I would have liked to hear her point of view on some topics that I was bringing up, aside from her just agreeing with me, and consequently chuckling.

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The biggest thing we want to do when meeting someone new is to show them what makes us unique. Do not start juggling chainsaws, or offering to paint their portrait when they arrive at the restaurant. Do tell them that you have a passion for juggling, or that you started painting when you were 8. Don’t sacrifice being comfy in who you are just to find a fast shoulder to cuddle inside of.

Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

5. On Our Phone

Let’s not be that date. We know we hate it when our date is on their phone. To me, it shows maturity when my date is able to leave their phone down for an hour and engage in conversation. It is inevitable that there will be a lull in conversation, and when that happens, just hangout. You’ll think of something to talk about. If you and your date are able to sit in the awkward silence and begin a conversation out of nowhere, you’ll show respect for the other. Wait until your 15th date, when you two are more comfortable with the other, for each of you to peep your phones.

Top 5 Mistakes We All Make On A First Date

Would you add anything major to this list? Leave a comment below or drop a caret (^) if you agree with our list!

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