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5 Mistakes to Avoid Your Freshman Year

5 Mistakes to Avoid Your Freshman Year

The end of summer is already nearing! No matter how you’ve spent your summer, we all know that the first day back at college is quickly approaching and for some of us it is the first day of college ever. There are some mistakes you should avoid making your freshman year. Here are five.

Mistakes to avoid freshman year


Treating professors like they aren’t people too.


As a freshman, it may feel awkward or scary to introduce yourself to a college professor, but that is the first step of creating a valuable relationship with a professor. You never know when a job application may require a recommendation from a university staff member. Of course, you cannot force a relationship so if you are going to create a relationship with a professor, make sure it is one you know you can click with. You would want them to remember you as a friend, not as a student who is sucking up to him or her. Get the courage to introduce yourself to your professor and here is hint… Start off by telling them your name.

Professors are people too

Neglecting Exercise


Some say that freshman 15 is a myth, some say it is inevitable… Regardless of what people say, weight gain is real if you neglect exercise. You will feel as if you do not have enough time to exercise, but in reality, you just need at least 30-45 minutes of your day to do something active 3 times a week minimum. In the moment, you will probably think, “Oh I don’t need to exercise. I look fine!” But after a few months with little to no exercise, you will notice changes in your body that are probably not so great changes.

Don't forget to workout

Missing Class


Whenever we students hear “attendance is not mandatory”, we automatically think “yes! I can now replace this class with a glorious nap.” Although that is true, you are actually putting yourself in a trap. When a professor explains that the attendance is not mandatory, what he or she is really saying is that you can either come to class and learn everything from the teacher OR not attend and learn everything on your own without the opportunity to ask questions, get direct help, and note important ideas and explanations from the teacher in class. Try to avoid missing classes because not only do you get help and important notes, but you will also be caught up with the class’s pace. Bottom line: no matter what subject it is, going to class is vital even if you do not feel like it.

don't skip class


Hiding in Your Cave of a Room


You are in college! You did not come to college to stay in your room. You came to college to learn from the textbooks and teachers, as well as learn about who you are as a person. College is the golden opportunity when you can finally step out of your comfort zone, join clubs, meet people, explore downtown and find what interests you. On top of all this, staying in your cave will prevent you from making friends especially if all your high school friends go to different universities. Just get yourself out there and do not let your room and your laziness get the best of you.

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don't hide in your dorm


“Forgetting” Family and Friends

You are finally in college and you can now start the next chapter in your life, but do not forget the people who got you there. Even though college is a whole new beginning, this does not mean that the chapter before is no longer relevant to your life. Always keep in touch with your family and the friends, who kept you going since day one, by a call every week. We are surrounded by countless means of communication.  Let’s be real here, you did not forget them… You chose to ignore them.

call home


Now that you have gone this far through the article, you now have no excuse for making these mistakes. Regardless, go out there and enjoy all the magnificent things college has to offer!