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20 Mistakes Every University Of Louisville Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every University Of Louisville Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every University Of Louisville Freshman Makes

Are you an incoming freshman at the University of Louisville?  Everyone has been there and done that! Let me tell you, it is really easy to spot a new bee on campus.  Have no fear, avoid these 20 mistakes every University of Louisville freshman makes and you will be the coolest and most prepared Freshman in the Ville.

1. Don’t pay for NEW textbooks!

There is no need to buy a brand new book! The used ones are the same and you save money.  I personally like Amazon Prime, the used books come in two days and are cheaper than Gray’s or the campus bookstore.  Don’t forget renting textbooks is always an option! A great site to check out for deals on books and other student discounts is StudentRate.


2. 8 AM Classes?

I know I made this mistake my first semester.  During orientation, you might think it’s a good idea to get up early and get your classes over with, so you schedule 8 0’clock classes…you will soon regret this decision.


3. It’s okay to say no.

Freshman year is so exciting, you are meeting new people and making new friends. It is really easy to forget to prioritize your school work. Don’t get me wrong you have to socialize, after all that’s the best part of college, but it’s okay to say know to study for that next big test sometimes.


4. Did someone say agenda?

Gray’s Bookstore sells a great planner for $1! Yep! $1! Staying organized and keeping up with your due dates is the key for success.  You don’t need a fancy planner, in fact the planner from Gray’s includes all the campus dates and sporting events. You will never miss out on fun things!

5. Don’t get a bigger meal plan!

The meal plan that the University of Louisville requires freshman that live on campus to sign up for is more than enough!  I have friends who bought bigger plans and they had so much left over.


6. Have you done your laundry?

I know I have told myself before that I can wait a few more days before I do my laundry and next thing I know I’m out of pants…you might be laughing, but this is a real mistake many freshman make.

7. Don’t room with your high school BFF!

Everyone has heard those tragic stories of best friends who become roommates and then they can’t stand each other… well it’s true and it definitely happens!  Go random! I went random and my roommate is fantastic!


8. Shower shoes are important.

At UofL if you live in Miller or Threkald Hall or Unitas Tower it is super important that you wear shower shoes because these University of Louisville freshman dorms are community style and you share a bathroom and a few showers with all the guys or girls that live on your hall.  Many freshman make this simple mistake and quickly regret it.


9. Not getting involved

As a freshman it’s really easy to go through the motions of class, homework, and food, but it’s important to apply for clubs and try new activities because that’s how you meet new people and make friends with similar interests!


10. Be prepared for the weather.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the other side of campus, 10 minutes from your dorm, when it’s raining cats and dogs!  It’s easy to spot the freshman because they never come prepared with a rain jacket or umbrella in their backpack.

11. Be careful where you park.

If you don’t have a parking pass then don’t park there!  You will get a ticket or worse towed!  There is nothing better than walking to your car only to find that your car is gone. Freshman make this mistake all the time, but trust me it’s easier if you just park where your pass allows and avoid the trouble.


12. Going to the wrong classroom…embarrassing…

Nothing is more embarrassing than walking in to a class, sitting down, and then realizing you are suppose to be in the class next door!  Every freshman makes this mistake at least once, but don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

13. Should I go to class?

Unless you are dying, you should always go to class!  It is so easy to fall in the trap of saying, “how much of a difference will it make if I don’t go to one class”.  In college there is no one who will force you do to anything, but you have to have a sense of responsibility for yourself and hold yourself accountable because what freshman don’t realize is that every semester counts.

14. Time management

Nothing is more important than managing your time!  It seems impossible at first, but there is a healthy balance between studying and school work, a social life, and having a job or being involved on campus.  Many freshmen struggle to find the balance and are always stressed out. You can avoid this by creating a schedule and sticking to it!

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15. Not eating healthy.

It is so easy to order Papa John’s pizza every time you don’t feel like leaving your dorm or walking to the Ville Grill, but the Freshman 15 is real!  There are healthy options and you should take advantage of them so that you don’t allow yourself to always eat out and trust me, you will appreciate your mom’s home cooked dinner more than ever before!


16. Staying out too late.

Sleep is important! At some point every freshman thinks they don’t need sleep… let me save you the trouble and tell you right now you are wrong! If you have class in the morning you might be able to stay up late for a few nights, but eventually it will catch up to you. Don’t make this amateur mistake! Take frequent power naps and go to sleep at a reasonable time!

17. Take advantage of your Flex Points!

While meal swipes are important and you should always use them, you should know that you Flex Points can be used at the P.O.D. Your Flex will roll over to the Spring semester, but after that it is gone forever so don’t let it go to waste! The P.O.D. can fulfill all of your late night snack desires and has all the necessary cleaning supplies.


18. Procrastination!

Procrastination is the key problem for many freshmen.  You can avoid making this mistake by simply staying on top of your reading and assignments!  I am definitely guilty of making this mistake, but when I am on top of things I save myself from a lot of stress.

19. Every college student experiences parties

I can’t and won’t say don’t go to parties because of course this is a big part of many college students social lives, however I can and will recommend that you don’t have to drink to have fun! You can still be cool and have a good time at parties without drinking until you can’t remember what happened.


20. Tidy up that room

You may think it sounds dumb, but the University of Louisville freshman dorm rooms are so small and if you keep it messy it’s hard to function.  Simply picking up your clothes or making your bed will make your room more accessible and easier to have friends over and do homework.

Are you excited to be a University of Louisville freshman?
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