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20 Mistakes Every UChicago Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every UChicago Freshman Makes

Freshman year is full of new college experiences to make plenty of mistakes. These are 20 relatable mistakes every freshman at UChicago makes!

Freshman year is full of new opportunities to make endless amounts of mistakes. You are not alone. Every freshman makes mistakes, that’s how it goes. These are 20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!

20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!

1. Forgetting to apply for Visa

This is obvious to certain international students. Mr Trump won’t let you in without a proper visa.


20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!

2. Registering for overly difficult courses

I can’t stress this more but each year, ambitious students choose overly challenging courses and regret immediately after each course starts. This kills your GPA.

20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!


3. Choosing the wrong student residence

It’s important to choose a dormitory that you like, obviously.

20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!

4. Not studying calculus well

Calculus is a crucial part of many courses in Chicago, and it is also an integral part of your Core as well.


5. Looking down on the harsh Chicago weather

Chicago has notoriously bad weather and the winter is freezing. This is further worsened by the wind chill effect, which states that the perceived temperature is lowered with increasing wind speed. Pack clothing that goes with the weather and be prepared.

6. Missing deadlines

There are numerous deadlines which require your fullest attention. Failure to meet them could be devastating. Failing your freshman year would be your biggest mistake.

20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!


7. Choosing economics even though it’s not your passion

Follow your passion! Don’t choose economics merely because you’re in Chicago. There are tons of other majors you can choose from.

8. Wasting too much time on dating

Dating could be time-consuming and non-productive. Instead, focus on making friends and exploring the awesome city you’re in during your downtime. You’ll appreciate it later.

9. Not caring about your GPAs

Don’t crash your GPAs in your first year. Paying thousands of dollars to fail will haunt you forever.


11. Regarding economics as business school

Studying economics in Chicago doesn’t mean you’ll get rich. Economics is an academic study. It’s not here to help you get rich or teach you how to get rich. It’s about describing and explaining human behavior.

12. Regarding economics as a wordy art subject

The truth is, that economics in Chicago consists of a lot of modeling (which is maths, stat, and computer science) and calculations. If you’re bad at calculus, think twice before choosing economics as your major.

13. Missing the dollar shake day

Don’t ever miss this golden opportunity to recognize yourself as a part of this community.


14. Losing your student card

Your student card is a vital piece of equipment in the University. You’ll need it for a multitude of purposes and please please please don’t ever lose it. You’ll cry.

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15. Worrying too much about school

Have fun! Enjoy your four years in Chicago because many of us won’t get the chance to live in an awesome city like this again.


16. Missing a date

Chicago students are notoriously busy. Some often forget about their dates and suffer disastrous consequences.

17. Putting too much stuff in your residence

The residence isn’t your home, it has a fixed size. So don’t buy too much stuff and mess up your room. Also be careful what you put on the walls. Certain tape, pins, etc. will leave marks and you’ll end up paying for it.

20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!


18. Driving to school

It’s difficult and inconvenient to drive to school. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the dorms!

19. Showing off your account balance

Feeling too rich? Donate the money to the University to support our research and boost our rankings instead!

20. Not reading this article

This is apparently self-explanatory.


20 mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!

Do you have any other common mistakes every UChicago freshman makes!? Share in the comments below!

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