10 Mistakes Every Syracuse University Freshman Makes

You're about to begin college and you have no idea what to expect. Don't worry! Here are a few do’s and do not’s to help you as a Syracuse freshman!

1. Walk in a pack looking for a party.

Upperclassmen will “Moo” at you because you look like a heard of cows.

2. Not have the right ratio to get into a party.

If you are a guy expect to pay and if you don’t have enough girl with you, you are not getting into that party.


3. Think you will go to every 8 am.

We all think it wont be that bad…it is that bad.



4. Think “It won’t be that cold”.

22 degrees happened… it DOES get that cold.


5. Expect to be able to persuade professors.

No they will not move that test. No you will not get an extension. Yes they do not care bout your reason.

6. Think “I’ll do work after the game!”

You will never ever actually get work done, you will be too busy recovering from cardiac Cuse.


7. Think the Duke game is “No big deal”.

It is a huge deal, you will want to be there. This is the one event you really want to be apart of.

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8. Think “Wearing another team (mostly Duke) shirts is okay”.

You may be yelled at, or the shirt may be removed from your body and nobody is going to feel bad for you.


9. Thinking you can get into every party.

Like the business world its all about who you know, so the first weekend where there are open parties make as many contacts as you can.


10. Not wearing orange because you “Don’t look good in it”.

If you go to Cuse… Orange is your color.

Which of these mistakes did you make as a Syracuse freshman? Comment below!
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