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20 Mistakes Every North Carolina A&T State University Freshman Makes

Freshman year at the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University is a game changer. With every good memory and lifetime bond an Aggie Freshman is making right now, there’s an Aggie Alum cringing at the thought of a handful or two of bad decisions.  Here’s 20 beautiful mistakes that every Aggie Freshman has made their first two semesters.

1. Becoming a GHOEvahs witness

Seeing pictures and hearing stories of The Greatest Homecoming on Earth (GHOE) might have led you to choosing this school, but AGGIE PRIDE means that your GPA is lit, too. Don’t get it twisted.

2. Not developing a habit of studying

This goes hand in hand with #1.  Learn what distracts you and what gets you in a studying/homework mood.

3. Blowing your refund check

For those of you who didn’t need financial aid, I’m jealous and keep scrolling.  For the Aggies that get a hefty check in October and February from Navient or the Department of Education: save it, make groceries, or better yet, make a payment on the same loan that issued the refund.

4. Buying brand new textbooks

Our campus bookstore have things called “rented textbooks” that could be up to half off the brand new copies or editions.  Imagine that.

5. Forgetting the Café operation hours

Oh, this is a crucial mistake that your stomach doesn’t have time for.  Hungry while broke? You have to be quicker than that.

6. Forgetting about the “freshman 15”

It’s not a myth. One too many Cookout trays after the club could be detrimental to your body goals.

7. Blowing your Flex Dollars before Thanksgiving Break

Food purchases at the restaurants on campus add up quick and you are not above the cafe.

8. Underestimating the class registration process

It’s like creating a playlist; what classes you choose, the times and days each is scheduled, and how long your breaks are in between are just some of the things we should all consider.  Just the thought of registering for classes is stressing me out.

9. Underestimating the class registration process

Did I say that already? I tell you, it is NOT easy. It can take up to days to get it right.

10. Not considering walking time when finessing your class schedule.

More than likely your class schedule will give you tour de Aggie Land.  That’s a fun fact my feet wish I knew before my first day.

11. Being a mediocre student with your prerequisite studies

Strengthen your GPA while you can; get on that Dean’s List.  The senior-you will appreciate it.

12. Saying “Aggie Pride” wrong

There’s only one way, with a certain vocal finesse that you HAVE to master by sophomore year.

13. Going to house parties unprepared

Expect to sweat, be stuck in tight places, and more importantly…have the time of your life! Dress comfortable-cute.

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14. Never leaving campus

You officially become a Greensboro, NC resident the moment your loved ones drive off on Move-In Day, and there’s an entire world beyond Market St.  Time should be taken out to get in-the-know with the city’s news, issues, and events.

15. Taking voting lightly

For most of us, voting in college is our first time voting.  Be sure to register as a Greensboro/Guilford County resident and go to the polls. Elected local officials could affect your college experience and lead to change on national levels, too.

16. Not becoming a part of your hometown’s Aggie club

Sometimes you’ll lean on them for carpooling back home, to link up over summer break, or to back you up in your argument with colleagues over whose hometown is the best.

17. Not joining campus/extracurricular groups

This is the phase of your life where you are figuring out who you are and what you like.  Go to the information meetings for everything you are remotely considering. There is something for every Aggie on campus.

18. Never considering finding a student-mentor in your major

When you think about it, it only makes sense to link up with a junior or senior in your major.  Listen to their “shoulda-woulda-coulda” stories and get copies of their notes.

19. Taking February One lightly

The Greensboro Four were a group of college students that sparked a flame of non-violent protests during the Civil Rights movement.  Don’t sleep through the Sit-In Celebration.

20. Getting discouraged

Adjusting to the college life isn’t easy, but remember North Carolina A&T students achieve great goals in education and produce renowned individuals dedicated to excellence.  That’s literally what Aggie Pride is all about (only my Aggies will see what I did there.) Finish your first year of college strong.

Which of these Freshman mistakes have you made during your first year at North Carolina A&T State University? Comment below.
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