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6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

Entering into this new world called the college life, it’s only fair to think that your four years away from home would be similar to what you see on tv. The expectations that is commonly set up in our minds as being freshmans is crazy.

It’s not a true representation of what college is and so when young adults enter college they believe that what they see on television is what they are going to experience and its complete opposite.

1. Rooming with their friend they meet during Orientation Week

Orientation week is the beginning foundation that is set in place to meet people and make friendships or even enemies. There is always room for first impression, so why not put yourself out there during orientation week.

During orientation week you will meet many people, everyone is trying to put their best foot forward so when school starts it won’t be a total mess trying to meet people. That is where fakiness comes to play. During orientation week, everyone is being fake; fake smiles, fake friendships, fake hugs, fake concern.

6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

2. Hooking Up The First Week Of School

The imfamous act of having your first hook up, can be nerve wrecking, fun or a disaster, especially when it boils down to the person that you hook up with. There have been many instances were people hooked up at Lasell College, and the whole school found out about it. Not to mention the school is small.

6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

3. Binge Drinking on a Weekday

Is it really necessary to drink Monday through Thursday, though there is something called “Thirsty Thursday” at my school. Hence the name “Thirsty Thursday” and its not talking about water, but alcohol baby. Students being thirsty for alcohol, so when thursday night comes, its nothing but drinking and partying.

6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

4. Drinking with a 8 a.m class the next day

Drinking on a weekend is one thing, but drinking a bunch of alcohol, when you have a 8 a.m. class the following day, is a NO NO! Nothing comes good from that, you have a nasty hangover, headache, stomach ache and everything else.

I don’t condone it but if you’re going to decide to binge drink and you have class the next day make sure you have someone in the class that can get some notes from, get the homework and help you get caught up.

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5. Buying TextBooks The First Year For The Low

In all honesty there is no reason why students at Lasell College, should be buying textbooks and other materials from the bookstore provided by school. The bookstore at Lasell is ran by Barnes and Noble, meaning that they increase the charge, essentially ripping off students.

It’s is shameful and no cool at all. I learned my lesson for ordering books from the schools store. Spending over $300 dollars on textbooks, just to get a simple $20 dollars back when I tried to sell it back. They had some nerve, and top that off, there were other websites; Cheggs, Amazon, that had the same copy for less or even a different edition but you still learn the same material.

6. Skipping Class Just Because You Feel Like It

Skipping class is just as easy as it is to eat your food. When your hungry you will make sure you have a snack or go to the cafeteria, but when it comes to class,you chose when you want to go. It becomes multiple choice.

Lasell only allows you three unexcused abuses and 3 excused absences but if you exceed those three you can be in danger of failing the class depending on the decision of the professor. So don’t make the mistake of exceeding the amount of the absences.

6 Mistakes Every Lasell College Freshman Makes

What mistakes or bad choices did you make when you were a freshman in college? Does some of these points relate to you now? Share your experiences, comment down below!

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