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20 Mistakes Every HU Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every HU Freshman Makes


Most people hate change, Freshman year is usually the most embarrassing but best year. We all have those moments that we wish we didn’t. Here’s some familiar mistakes and some tips on what not to do if you want to attempt to nail the whole college thing here at Hofstra. Keep reading for 20 mistakes every HU freshman makes!

1. You’re not going to only hangout with the people you made friends with at orientation.

Orientation was fun and all, but that group you stuck with for three days straight tends to separate and do their own thing when college comes around. Its definitely good to attend orientation and meet people to have a head start, but don’t rely on only them because there will be SO many more people to meet and be with once college starts.

2. Do not schedule an early Friday class.

3. …Or any class on a Friday.

Especially after thirsty Thursdays it is not fun sitting in a boring lecture with a pounding headache


4. You thought wrong if you thought there was going to be a good bar scene.

5. And if you thought Bangers wouldn’t be as bad as it sounded.

It might as well be associated with Miley Cyrus’ tour.


6. Classic freshman move, wearing your ID card on a lanyard around your neck.

Just don’t do it.


7. You might think it wont be that bad to live off of Sbarro pizza and Starbucks for an entire semester… but it is.

Don’t get me wrong. Pizza is life. But after eating “Sbarro’s” pizza at Hofstra everyday for two weeks… you’re going to wish you never liked it in the first place.

8. Take advantage of Roosevelt Field mall. It will be your best friend.

Food, clothes, makeup, and all essentials. It will be your go-to for everything, and so conveniently close!

9. Wake up early and get an omelet! It’s worth it.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat it.


10. Try not to lock yourself out … of everywhere.

This is bound to happen a few times, just don’t try to make it a habit.

11. Wait till your classes officially start and the professor tells you which books to buy.

Before going broke buying all of them and not knowing what to do with yourself when you don’t actually need them

12. Trying to squeeze in time to stop at Au Bon Pain before a class will always screw you over because the line is ALWAYS long and they are SO slow.

But a warm croissant and soup sounds so good… do I really need to go to class today?


13. Nothing’s worse then getting to the bars sober and having to spend eight dollars on each drink.

14. Your classes are harder than you think.

Do all of your work and show up. Go to office hours and get on your teacher’s good side, it will help you a lot.

15. Don’t think that you will be doing laundry as much as you (or your parents) do at home, so bring a lot of underwear and socks.

You will be lazy and never want to clean your clothes. Yes its gross, but its life. Too much effort.

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16. The writing center is your friend. It helps A LOT.

Try and go every time you need to write a paper.

17. ALWAYS stay with your friends when you go out.

Hempstead isn’t a place you would want to get lost in, don’t end up alone in Popeye’s not knowing where anyone went.


18. College is not like high school.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Hofstra is full of amazing, unique open minded people so go out there and find them!

19. Branch out!

Always keep an open mind and don’t cling to one clique, joining clubs and going to events make this a lot easier


What are some other mistakes every HU freshman makes? Comment below and share the article!
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