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20 Mistakes Every California State University of Northridge Freshman Makes

Don’t you wish you had an inside person to help you navigate every new situation? Some students are fortunate enough to have designated mentors in siblings or parents who have attended CSUN whereas others aren’t so fortunate. I understand that leaving home for the first time can force to you feel mixed emotions. Between having your own freedom and finally leaving your parents, you wonder if you’d actually make it on your own in the real world. You arrive to campus on your first day and see that maybe this whole college thing won’t be so bad after all. That is until you realize you aren’t actually prepared, but you aren’t the only freshman who believed this tale. Though every freshman has different battles with major changes (it happens.. especially more than once), relationships and relearning how to transport yourself, because just like you, here are 20 mistakes every CSUN freshman makes, has probably committed, and does not need to ever commit again.

  1. Taking an 8 A.M. class.

Are you kidding me? Know yourself and know if you’re not a morning person, don’t sign up for 8:00am’s (you’ll thank me later).

  1. Taking one class per day.

There is nothing wrong with doubling or even tripling your classes. Trust me you’re going to regret only taking one class a day.

  1. Not taking advantage of office hours.

CSUN professors have office hours for a reason. They want to feel needed so help them accomplish this desire. (Not creepy at all) Don’t think for one second you are being a pest to your professor if you need to attend these hours.

  1. Joining too many clubs.

Pick one, and put forth your best, and enjoy it! If you’re a Journalism major like me, join clubs like NBJA (National Black Journalism Association) or if you’re interested in anything STEM related, go to the Business Building on the far east side of campus and they have tons of clubs there.

5.      Not joining enough clubs or any at all.

This, my friend, is a clear road to awesomeness. Schools love to see and hear about all you’ve done during your undergrad. Make time for something or maybe even see about starting you own club.

6. Paying for a parking pass.

This is definitely a mistake unless you plan on being on campus at 7:30 in the morning. Yeah I didn’t think so. Get familiar with the area surrounding campus and park in residential areas or even by restaurants. FOR FREE.

7.  Not going to on campus events like Pumpkin Fest or Big Show.

Now that I’m an alumni, I realized I missed out on so many opportunities because I skipped out on CSUN events. Don’t be like me. I was foolish.

8. Not using CSUN amenities such as sleeping pods, gym etc.

Don’t be mistaken, athletes are not the only people who can use CSUN amenities such as the gym.  Sleeping pods are literally a life saver especially for those who commute to school or maybe you just need rest and well the gym is just beautiful.

9.    Skipping class

CSUN professors have a somewhat strict attendance policy, and you will fail their course if you skip class one too many times.

10. Being afraid to change your major.

Listen, change that major. Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, “Is this really what I love to do?”

11. Not applying for scholarships

Apply. Apply. Apply. You will thank me later. Typically, people don’t apply because they fear they won’t win. The less people that apply, the higher chance you’ll win.

12. Applying for financial aid at the last minute.

CSUN’s financial aid lines are forever long and if you wait until the last minute, don’t expect them to give you your money in a timely manner. One time, I didn’t receive financial aid until October and the semester began in August.

13.  Staying in a long-distance relationship.

It won’t last when you accidentally hook up with the cute guy down the hall, and you’re racked with guilt; also, you’ll miss him (or her) and will only think of that. Too much drama sis.

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14.  Dating the first person you make out with.

Just don’t, especially if he lives in the same building/floor. Heart strings will be pulled and plucked (like a guitar).

15.  Dressing nice for class.

That’ll last a week (maybe), and then you’ll look like hell for the rest of semester because you’ll understand that sleep is more important than combing your hair. Why dress nice the first week when you can be semi-presentable the entire semester? Sacrifices sis. Sacrifices.

16. Sitting in the front row in every class.

Unless you wear glasses, please don’t sit in the front. It just makes things awkward sometimes. Try sitting in the middle of the classroom.

Businesspeople listening to presentation in office building

17. Being late to class

Listen, if you’re going to be late, at least inform your professor that something came up. Never make a loud entrance and always make sure to bring the class donuts. Just kidding about that last part.

18. Sleeping in class

Don’t do it. Grab you some coffee and sit in the back. If you’re too exhausted, maybe go to sleep earlier.

19. Getting a job on campus

Ok, I’m not 100% against a freshman having a job, but I mean at least figure out if it’s really worth having one so soon. Just take your time and don’t rush into anything.

20. Plagiarism

Listen, professor know when things are plagiarized so it’s very important to make sure you aren’t doing anything that can make you fail the course or even get expelled. I’ve seen it happen before.

Don’t Plagiarize Freshmen, Professors Always Find Out.

Well freshman, that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure you expected me to speak on the “Freshman 15” or CSUN parties, but honestly you may or may not gain any weight and CSUN throws really great parties, but just be safe. Have an awesome school year and keep from making these mistakes.

Symone Lenard

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