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13 Misconceptions of Senior Year of High School

13 Misconceptions of Senior Year of High School

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Ahh, senior year. The year you have practically been waiting for since birth. And you just can’t wait for everything to fall into place just like it did for Troy Bolton in the last fifteen minutes of High School Musical 3. At least, that’s what we think going into Senior Year. Here are 13 misconceptions of senior year of high school that just about every current or retired high school senior can relate to.

1. Senior year is so chill.

If by chill you mean the foundations of your life slowly crippling before your eyes then yes, it’s very chill. Because on top of school, extracurricular activities, and your dying social life you have to worry about college applications that keep asking you the same question in 2,743,724,682,432 different ways. Enjoy.


2. You will finally stop being sleep deprived.

Maybe you won’t be up studying all night anymore, but does that mean you’re going to have a normal sleeping schedule? Nope. Not at all.

3. You are going to be so ready to move out of the house.

As strange as it may sound, senior year is when a lot of people find out that they actually like the people they’ve been living with for the past 18 years. Huh. Who would have guessed?


4. Your lifelong crush will finally admit that they are hopelessly and desperately in love with you.

Ha. Ha ha ha…. ha.  


  5. You are going to peak.

Your laziness is about to reach a whole new level you didn’t even know was possible, what makes you think you’ll have the motivation to hit a peak?

6. You will be so done with everybody by the time you graduate.

By the time you get to graduation, you’re going to realize how much you’re going to miss the little people- like the overly outspoken president of politics club, the guy who always shows up to class high, and even that person you always make awkward eye contact with in the hallway. But then you’ll move on and forget them. 



7. You will finally feel ready to be an adult.

You won’t even be able to decide what kind of food you want at your grad party. How are you suppose to feel ready to make real-life adult decisions?


8. Teachers will go easy on you second semester.

If anything, teachers are going to make things even more difficult in hopes to fight off senioritis. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

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9. Senior Prom will be the best night of your life.

Even if you somehow make it through all the “prama” without tearing the people in your group to pieces, you will find that although prom is fun and all, it definitely seems better in the movies.


  10. Once you get accepted into college, you will be completely stress free.

There is only one thing more stressful than trying to get into college: having to decide on a college. 

11. You can have it all like Troy Bolton.

Somehow Troy managed to find a college where he could pursue his love for theater, make his Dad proud by playing basketball, and still be only 32.7 miles away from Gabriella. Unfortunately, we can’t all be like Troy. Whether it be giving up a sport, or moving far away from your high school sweetheart, you will have to make some sort of sacrifice when choosing a school.


12. You will finally reconcile with your elementary school enemy.

Some things never change.

13. You’re not going to miss high school one bit.

As stressful and as terrifying as high school was, you were still able to make some pretty great memories along the way. Even though you know amazing things are ahead, that doesn’t mean a part of you won’t miss the past crazy four years we call high school.


What were some of your misconceptions of senior year of high school? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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