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10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

Everyone has a opinion about The University of Houston. From tuition being way too high to housing being, well, complicated. But these things shouldn’t stop you from giving one of Houston’s brightest universities a chance. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common misconceptions you should watch out for.

1. They Don’t Allow Students To Protect Themselves

University of Houston students have every right to feel scared at times. However, the misconception about hand guns goes a bit off the rails(not a reference to the Houston rail train, I promise). Students are allowed to carry concealed weapons, just not in 22 different buildings- including all dorms, health centers, and sporting events. Plus, who wouldn’t trust the dedicated UH Police officers.

2. Commuting Is A Nightmare

And yeah, it is. But Houston has a ton of resources for local students who commute back and forth to campus. Not only are there 6 metro routes to the main campus, but UH also has campus ride services like Cougar Ride. Oh, did I mention the metro rail train in Houston yet?

10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

3. Housing Is A Pain

Making the transition to housing can be scary and painful at times. University of Houston tries to make it an easy and welcome experience with their annual Cougar move-in. The school provides many housing options too, and with the help of financial aid picking your new home shouldn’t be a pain in your wallet, at least I hope it shouldn’t.

4. Getting In Takes You, Like, A Million Years

Coming from someone like me who didn’t have a clue to where I wanted to go, University of Houston is the best college for transfer students. If you so happen to earn 15 or more transfer hours after high school, and have a decent GPA, you’re in! Class rank doesn’t really apply to UH, so all you need are good grades and a good head on your shoulders. The home of the cougar await anyone who enters.

5. You Have To Wear Red, Or Else

You remember that time during high school when everyone was wearing their Houston Texan’s jersey and you look down and said, ‘shoot, I’m a idiot, and I’m going be dead soon.’ Well with UH, Cougar Red shouldn’t make you feel threatened. It’s more of a tradition than a requirement, really just a reminder for all the students and faculty to reflect and take pride of their accomplishments. Also, those who wear red on Fridays can enjoy $5 discounts in two of the dinning halls. See, no harm done.

6. Tuition Will Make You Want to Scream ‘Bloody Mary’ In Front Of A Mirror

Compared to schools like Rice and UT, University of Houston’s tuition is actually quite low. First-time freshman tuition is roughly $342 per semester hour. The total for those in the liberal arts college is $5, 316 per fall/spring semester. Adding that you can save money taking your pre-requirement classes at community college, and I’ll say you will make it out without totally breaking the bank. University of Houston also has scholarships and tuition waivers for those who seek them out.

10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

7. It’s Easy To Feel Lost In A Sea Of Activities And Programs

The first time I stepped foot on the university, yep, I felt overwhelmed. Luckily, the school had students guiding me through the process and introduced me to a variety of programs suited for my best interest. From their literary publication called Glass Mountain to Coog Radio, there’s a least something waiting for you at UH. You even get to research and choose what to go after on their campus labs website. With so many programs, it’s difficult to ever feel like a outsider looking in.

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8. Oversize Classes Will Eat You Alive

With a 35,000 student body(or even more) it’s easy to feel like you wouldn’t get any alone time with the professors. But UH professors are always willingly to help students during their designated office hours. Students who are part of the honors college have the benefit of  smaller classes. Plus, students can also study at other UH campuses around the Houston area if they want a more personal interaction with their professors during class. I would definitely recommend University of Houston-Downtown campus.

10 Misconceptions Everyone Has About The University Of Houston

9. The University Isn’t As Prestigious As Other Texas Universities

When you look at the alumni of schools like UT and Rice, the first instinct would be to go straight for those universities. However, UH top tier status has made it one of the most sought after universities in the state. Recognized by the Princeton Review for having the #2 top 25 best undergraduate for entrepreneurs, graduating with a degree from UH is as prestigious as it can be in Texas.

10. It’ll Be Hard To Make Friends There

For many freshman student, making friends at UH is something that eventually pops up in their head. But just ask any former graduates and they’ll tell you that making friends at UH was the least of their problems. University of Houston prides itself of having a diverse student body. Anyone is comes to the school is part of a growing community of thinkers and doers. With community service programs and after class activities everywhere, the possibility of making a least one friend is 1000 to 0.

What other misconceptions you have or found about the University of Houston? Share some of them below!

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