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Mirrors That Add A Little Extra Flare To Your Room

Sometimes your room can feel like it is missing a little something. Maybe your walls seem a tad bit bland or that there is too much open space. Investing in a nice new mirror to liven up your walls a bit can be exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of my favorite mirrors that are sure to add some flare and bring life back to your bedroom.

Magical Thinking Woven Wall Mirror

These mirrors by Urban Outfitters are perfect for if you need to fill a little space on your walls.  They are easy to hang, super cute, and you can even buy the whole set!  I absolutely love the beachy vibe that these mirrors give off due to the woven wood frames and the size of them is perfect.  These mirrors are aesthetically pleasing when paired together but are still super stylish when placed by themselves.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money to add these pieces to your collection, which is a major plus.  If you are a fan of wooden frames and small mirrors, you should definitely go pick these up.

Umbra Dima Round Mirrors

These mirrors are amazing when pairing with a simplistic look but also add a little extra uniqueness.  Hanging mirrors are so cute and really give your room a touch of style without going overboard.  I imagine these mirrors going really well above a vanity or desk, giving a somewhat bland looking area some style and attention.  You can get these pieces as a set of three with your choice of a finish of copper or brass.

Bed Bath & Beyond has these mirrors set at a very reasonable price, making it that much easier to add them to your cart.  If you want to add a simple, yet interesting touch to your bedroom walls, these are the mirrors for you.

Azra Modern Diamond Wall Mirror

This beautiful mirror is elegant and will have all of your guests asking you where you got it.  If you are looking for something that gives your room a luxurious feel without a huge price tag, this mirror was made for you.  Walmart is always my go-to when I want something that looks expensive, but doesn’t actually break the bank.  The gold finish really gives this piece a touch of elegance and makes it look more pricey than it is.

This mirror looks amazing above a short dresser and would pair so nicely with a bouquet of flowers in front of it.  Purchasing this hangable mirror will be a decision that you won’t regret.

Tri-Fold Mirror with Caned Jewelry Holder

Being practical and adorable is this mirror’s main job. Holding your jewelry and giving you a nice big mirror? Yes, please! This mirror saves you space and gives you something to put on the wall directly above your desk, making it a makeshift vanity table. I love its look and the style can go with just about anything. 

You won’t have to break the bank for this two-in-one miracle either. This mirror is a great addition to any room and gives you so many options to decorate the jewelry holder to add your own personal touch.

Round Rhinestone Wall Mirror

If you want a tiny bit of sparkle to spice up the look of your room, this mirror can do exactly that!  Add this mirror on any wall and your room will light up with style. Hobby Lobby even includes some extra rhinestones just in case one gets lost or your cat decides to steal one. Best of all, right now this mirror is on sale for half the original price!

Grab this mirror and hang it on any wall in your room to fill up some space while also adding some bling.

See Also

Decorative Wall Mirror Gold

This unique gold mirror is perfect for adding as a statement piece above your desk or dresser. The original shape makes this mirror one of a kind and the price is just right. There is no wrong way to hang this piece and it makes the perfect addition to any wall in your bedroom. I adore the gold color and the thin rounded look of it. You can pick this mirror up at your local Target or order it online and you’ll be amazed at how great it will look on your wall.

This mirror is so easy to place and decorate around because it goes with nearly anything. I love the way this mirror looks next to canvas pictures or other round shaped mirrors.

Umbra Prisma Mirror

This beautiful and stylish mirror will go perfectly in any area of your room. The unique shape and eye-catching style will make anyone wonder how you got your hands on such an amazing mirror. This piece can be hung above a small couch, above your desk, or literally anywhere on your walls because it is just that unique. The shape alone will have everyone staring.  

The geometric vibe will go wonderfully with any style and will make your walls really pop. You can pair this mirror with some round ones or let it stand alone. I find this mirror so beautiful and the price definitely isn’t a deal-breaker. If you want something unique to add flare to your walls, this mirror may be the right choice.

Rustic Round Wood Mirror

If you love rustic vibes and need a cute accent piece to add to your wall, this mirror is right down your alley. This handmade mirror and frame are the perfect addition to any room. I adore the look of this frame and the atmosphere it can add to a room. The price is a little steep, but that is what you pay for quality handmade goods that will make your walls look astounding.  

Which of these mirrors are you going to be adding to your cart?  Let us know down in the comments!

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Amber Uranker

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