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Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

Want to switch up your natural look and possibly invest in a pair of fake lashes but you’re not sure which kind will actually suit you best? Or are you just plain confused of the difference between the different types of fake lashes (what is mink anyway, and why does it sound so luxurious)?

There’s a few differences between the two, but there are still a lot of similarities. Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between mink and synthetic/regular fake lashes, and which would most likely be the best fit for you, depending on all these factors.

Mink lashes?

Mink is the most popular of the two, mostly because they’re (ideally) the most natural as well! Mink sounds expensive, but the most important thing about fake lashes is quality, especially when they’re semi-permanent, and your eye is the most sensitive part of your body.

There are a few choices when it comes to mink: regular mink, faux mink, and silk. All three serve a different purpose, depending on what type of natural lashes you have, and what type of filling needs to be done based on the lashes you already have.

Mink gives you overall a soft, fluffy type of feel, and they’re really lightweight, which is important to every day wear. Their one downside other than price is that you have to keep up their curl yourself, which adds more cost if you don’t have an eyelash curler.

Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

Or synthetic lashes?

Synthetic is usually the first type of lashes that women try when they’ve never had fake lashes, whether they’re strips or individual lashes.

Although synthetic lashes can be applied to look natural and blend in with your eyelashes, they typically come in a thicker curl than mink does, and they often seem a little glossier and shinier than usual, which comes with the synthetic aspect of their production.

But, it should also be noted that most salons do the lashes individually, so synthetics do look quite natural, and when applied individually are quite lightweight (although not nearly as light as mink).

Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

An actual mink vs. synthetic breakdown

To put it all together: both are popular (although mink definitely takes the cake nowadays) and both type of lashes can definitely look natural if you get the right person to put them in (pro tip: go for a well known lash salon for your first try, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious when it comes to your face).

But the main, very big difference between the two is price. In most lash salons, the price point sometimes doubles between synthetic and mink, especially when you’re looking for a full set — which, depending on how expensive the salon is, can mean about $300 to $500.

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Which is a pretty big burn in your wallet when you’re not even sure if you want fake lashes, which is why a lot of women opt for the regular ones to avoid mistakes (and sometimes, when they’re not well done, you have to get fills redone, which is super annoying).

Mink VS Regular: What You Need To Know About Fake Lashes

Decision time!

When it comes down to it, if you’re willing to pay the money for mink, then they definitely are the way to go — but don’t sell synthetics short, and don’t feel like you’re being super cheap if you get synthetics over mink.

And if you prefer more of a dramatic, curly look (like the way you’d get from heavy mascara sans heavy mascara) then you should go for them!

They still look killer, and all lashes last about three weeks anyway. So go out there and achieve your effortless beauty look, girl.

What do you think about fake lashes? Would you get mink or synthetic? Let us know in the comments below!

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