10 Minimalist Tattoos That You’ll Love

10 Minimalist Tattoos That You'll Love

Tattoos, like relationships, mean commitment and that can sometimes be intimidating. That’s why minimalist tattoos are the best – they’re small and easy to hide, should you need to. They’re also easier to remove/cover up if a few years down the road you’re not feeling them anymore – that may be my own regret talking (everyone makes bad decisions in their college years right?). So, if you want a tattoo but don’t know what to get, here’s a list of minimalist tattoos you’re going to love!

1. I Love You But Not Enough To Get A Tat Of Your Face

This is for all you softies out there. Wanna show a loved one they mean a lot to you but don’t want to, you know, get their face tattooed on your arm? Well here’s the perfect alternative. Get their birth date tattooed in tiny lettering – the simplicity of it makes it aesthetically pleasing and they’ll appreciate that they mean so much to you that you permanently inked yourself.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with self love. If you wanna get your own birth date tatted? Why the eff not? I’m all for it!


2. Cheetahs, Girl Power*

Want the guy or girl going down on you to know you’re all about feminism? Well then the location of this tat is perfect. Also, this minimalist tattoo says “grl pwr” (or “girl power” for anyone who for some reason didn’t get that) and chances are the person going down on you is def gonna catch it. It’s cute and it makes a political statement at the same time! Isn’t that all anybody wants from a tattoo?

*If you don’t understand this reference, please for the love of everything that is right and good in this world, google it


3. Friends Will Be Friends…Right Till The End

Wanna get matching ink with your best friend? Well minimalist tattoos are the way to go. This one is so cute I just sent it to my bff. Seriously, I’m obsessed with it. The pinky promises that we used to make with our friends in our childhood? Making it a permanent part of your life? Ugh, I’m emotional.

4. You Are My Moonshine

Sun and moon tattoos are pretty popular these days. But the size and location of this make make it hard not to want. It’s so tiny and located in a spot that would look perfect on many occasions. Imagine wearing a low back dress – are you also picturing the amazing over the shoulder back shots you can get with this minimalist tattoo?


5. Chances Are I Want Dessert

Who doesn’t love a good underboob? One with a simple word written in cursive along it? It looks beautiful and it can be meaningful – you can get whichever word you want. If it happens to be serendipity, then either you’re happily optimistic and believe in chance happenings or you love dessert (the long lines for Serendipity aren’t for nothing). Both options are equally significant in my books.

6. Earth, Wind, And Fire… And Water

If you’re feeling super grateful to the four elements that are believed to be essential for human life, then you can show your gratitude by getting the symbols for each element tatted. Fan of Earth, Wind & Fire? Skip out on the symbol for water and you’ve got yourself a fun fan tat.

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7. Babe…I Love Him. I Mean You.

Wanna be that couple that overdoes it on the PDA? Then this minimalist tattoo is just the choice for you! Kidding. This is actually a great way to show your commitment to your partner and you don’t even have to get their name tatted. Hey, breakups happen and those name tattoos just make for an awkward AF convo after.

8. I’m A Rocket Man

You can get this tattoo with a friend/partner because of course, they’re out of this world. No need to sigh at that cliche, I did it for you. On the other hand, you can get both on yourself to symbolize your sense of adventure and exploration. Or it could just mean you love space.


9. The 90s Called…They Want You To Know They Were The Best

Are you one of those firm believers that the 90s were, in fact, better? Prove it by getting it permanently tatted. This minimalist tattoo is perfect and can work with any year, not just the 90s (even though it is the superior decade, but I’ll get into that another time). By getting on the last two numbers of the year inked, it looks even more simple and classy!

10. It’s LeviOsa Not LevioSA

Fan of Harry Potter? Then you can join me by getting a wand tattoo like this one. It can perfectly embody your love for the series while not being too over the top. You can also try this with any other books/movies you love!

Do you plan on getting any of these minimalist tattoos inked at your next appointment? Comment which ones caught your eye below!

Featured image source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/800866746214394316/