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10 Minimalist Tattoos That You Should Get With Your Best Friend

10 Minimalist Tattoos That You Should Get With Your Best Friend

10 Minimalist Tattoos That You Should Get With Your Best Friend

Minimalist tattoos are the perfect tattoos for besties! If you and your best friend haven’t gotten your first tattoo yet, you should consider minimalism! These tattoos are usually simpler and smaller so you can get a tiny dose of tattooing pain and body art, just to see how you like it. Also, if you and your sister from another mister are going into professional fields where body art isn’t fully accepted yet, minimalist tattoos are perfect for hiding in the office and enjoying on your off time. Here are 10 minimalist tattoos you should get with your BFF.

1.  Collar Bone Tattoo

Isn’t this bird tattoo so simple but so gorgeous? You and your best friend can personalize your birds to make the birds symbolic of your friendship. Either way, this is a simplistic tattoo is great for a beginner and it’s in the perfect location if you want to hide your tattoo later in life.

2. Geometric Triangles

If you and your bestie aren’t into fancy designs or characters, you guys might like these geometric triangles. They are simple, small, and straightforward. Perfect for non-fussy personalities! They are also symbolic of how your personalities are. Not only are these tattoos great for the geometric design lover but they are also perfect if you want to get tattoos to represent multiple best friends.


3. Floral Ear

Minimalist tattoos don’t need to be colorless and basic. You and your best friend might enjoy this floral ear tattoo. The ear is not only in the perfect location if you want to hide away the tattoo during business hours but also if you want to show off your beautiful body art after hours. Treat it like a permanent earring cuff and it will be a great splash of color against your skin. This is an especially beautiful tattoo if you and your bestie are super girly and essentially flower children.

4. Little Bee

Just because you want simple tattoos doesn’t mean it has to be completely devoid of details. This little bee is the perfect balance between minimalism and realism. You will love how small and simple this bee is, just as minimalist tattoos should be. But you won’t find the cartoony shapes or the oversimplified design. Nope, this bee actually looks like a real bee!

5. Lemon and its Slices

How cute are this lemon and its slices! Your best friend helps you turn the dark days into sunny ones and lemons into lemonade, so this is the perfect tattoo for you guys. Since your best friend brings so much light and color into your life, why would you get a simple black and white tattoo? This tattoo will remind each day how lucky you are to have such an amazing best friend!


6. Lock and Key

You and your best friend fit together like a lock and key and your tattoos should reflect that. If you couldn’t imagine a life without your best friend there as your other half, this is the right tattoo for you! This tiny and delicate this tattoo is exactly what a minimalist tattoos lover needs. And because it is on the side of your finger, people will hardly notice it and you and your best friend will feel added comradery from sharing such an obvious secret.

7. Moon and Sun

Your best friend isn’t your twin or your doppelganger. Instead, she is the exact opposite of you and you guys would not have it any other way. You would not be living your best life if she wasn’t there to bring out your wild side and she would get into all sorts of trouble if you weren’t there to be her voice of reason. Your best friend and you balance each other out like the sun and the moon, so this tattoo was made for you!

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8. Mountain Range

When you and your best friend have a shared hobby, it becomes your thing and you would never do it without each other. It’s as sacred to you two as watching a Netflix episode together and just like how you wouldn’t watch an episode alone, you would never do your thing without your best friend. Say your and your best friend’s thing is hiking, then this beautiful mountain range is without a doubt, your perfect tattoo! This will remind you every day what an awesome hobby you guys share and just looking at the tattoo will bring back so many fun memories. Whatever your shared hobby may be (it doesn’t have to be hiking), seriously consider your shared hobby as the basis for your tattoo.

9. Dreamer on Rib Cage

You might never stop dreaming and your head will forever be in the clouds. But it’s okay because your best friend is up there too. With both of you forever lost in a daydream, is any surprise that you would get a dreamer tattoo? When you and your best friend always push each other to not only dream big and bold but also to chase after your dreams, this will not only bring back wonderful memories every time you see it but will also motivate you to work harder, push further, and put your nose back on the grindstone! And a rib cage tattoo will let help you hold your best friend and your dreams close to your heart forever.

10. No Matter Where

Life can be crazy sometimes and people don’t just grow apart but they also move apart. This tattoo is about as permanent of a promise that you can make. It is a reminder to you and to her that no matter how far apart you may be or how crazy life can become, you will always have a friend in the person who shares this tattoo with you. If your best friend is moving away or maybe, just leaving for college, you might want to consider this tattoo. Even though actions are stronger than words, a little reminder along the way can still do a lot of good. 


Which of these minimalist tattoos would you get with your best friend? Tell us in the comments.

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