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10 Minimalist Makeup Ideas We’ve Rounded Up From Pinterest

10 Minimalist Makeup Ideas We’ve Rounded Up From Pinterest

If you looking for a fresh face approach to makeup, minimalism is the way to go. Play up your best features and try these 10 minimalist makeup ideas.

Minimalist makeup ideas are something that everyone should try. This kind of makeup trend is about enhancing your natural beauty without using too much product. If you are in need of a break from a timely makeup routine or am looking to use light makeup  try out these minimalist makeup ideas.

1. Lightly tinted Eyeshadow

A lightly tinted eyeshadow will bring emphasis to your eyes and draw out your natural eye color. A color that is neutral and natural is an easy g to but pick a color that will make that matches you and your beautiful eyes. This minimalist makeup idea will also give you a youthful look that is refreshing.

2. Colorful Eyeliner

If you are looking for something a little more lively and fun, ditch the black eyeliner and go for something colorful. You can pair it with your normal eyeliner, or use it solo. This is a minimalist approach with a little flare.


3. Bold Eyebrows

Another minimalist makeup idea is to spruce up your eyebrows. Make them bold and defined to give your face a very put together look without a lot of makeup.

4. Standout Lipstick

If you love your lips and want to show them off, go get yourself a lipstick that stands out of the crowd and matches your skin tone. Reds are always a classic choice, but get something that you feel beautiful in. Leaving your face naked with a bold lipstick will give you a sophisticated look ready for your job or a night out.

5. Playful cheeks

Get that glow with a blush that brings out your cheeks. This minimalistic look will show off your gorgeous cheeks and is a easy on the go look. You can leave your face naked with a little blush or add some mascara for a touch of simplicity.


6. Simply Mascara

Mascara is a best friend of the minimalist makeup idea. It’s a quick go to that will never let you down and emphasize your eyes with a quick routine. If you are looking for something more natural, try a brown mascara.

7. Shimmery Eyeshadow

Try the trick of putting some shimmery eyeshadow on the insides of your eyes and watch them light up. This look is easy to pull off and will give you a summery glow even in winter.

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8. Just a Cat eye

If you are looking for something more bold, go for a simple cat eye. We aren’t talking Amy Winehouse or Adele cat eye, but a simple flick at the end of your eyeliner will bring a little flare. Add some natural eyeshadow for a little something extra.

9. Bright Lips

If you are feeling bright, go for lipstick that will bright up the world. Make sure to get a lipstick that will goes well with your skin, but grab that and you won’t need anything else.

10. Totally Naked

You are a gorgeous person with beautiful features. Let them speak for themselves and go full on naked into the world. This is the utlimate minimalist makeup idea. Add some moisturizer and go take on the world!

These minimalist makeup ideas are for everyone and anyone that loves simplicity and looking to go fresh face. What is your go to simple makeup routine? Let us know in the comments below!
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