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10 Minimalist Ideas To Declutter Your Home

10 Minimalist Ideas To Declutter Your Home

A clean and decluttered home can help to create a decluttered mind. Often, we hear how when you organize your living space and clear out that old junk you don’t need, you feel lighter and happier. Here’s some minimalist ideas to declutter your home when you feel overwhelmed in your space.

1. Out With The Old

One of the key minimalist ideas I love, is the motto: “Out with the old, in with the new” but to keep things clean and organized, let’s stop at “Out with the old”. This can be referred to as Spring Cleaning, but it doesn’t necessarily always have to be during spring.

Going through old clothes you haven’t worn in years can be a refreshing and fun activity. Make a keep pile of the items you actually wear and a donate pile for those that you can do without. You can do this with shoes, accessories, home décor and more!


2. Labeling

Whether in your bathroom closets or kitchen cabinets, labeling can be so beneficial to help keep your spaces organized. If you have young children, labeling with pictures in their rooms can allow them to help keep their space tidy. When it’s clean-up time they can put everything where it belongs.

Labeling where you put your belongings is one of the best minimalist ideas I use in my home to create a clutter-free space and so I know where everything goes and is at all times. I suggest using a label maker and stick them to the appropriate containers for your items.


3. Mason Jars

Have you seen those beautifully organized pantries with mason jars to keep dried goods? And they’re labeled too? This is such an easy solution to keep everything in one spot but organized for functionality. Also, mason jars seal tightly to keep food from getting stale.

Let’s say you needed some flour, just look for the mason jar labeled “flour”, grab and you’re set. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of opening the paper bag it comes in, with flour getting everywhere. This can also work with plastic containers; however, they don’t seal as well and aren’t likely to hold up long term.


4. Storage Containers

This is more for your bigger items whether in your closet or bathroom. Using wicker baskets for storage helps give items a home but also is pleasing to the eye. These can be used for towels, toilet paper, or magazines in bathrooms. They can be used for miscellaneous items in a closet.

Scarfs, hats, shoes, or belts are items that add a bit more clutter to your closet. With storage containers, this helps make the space functionable and allow easier access to them.


5. Buy Intentionally

This may seem like an obvious idea but in a world where we have so much of everything, it’s easy to feel like we need everything we see or want. With a high demand of things, we often see stuff when shopping and are drawn to buying it, when in fact, we don’t actually need it.

Being intentional with your purchases can dramatically affect how clean you keep your space. If you are buying things with no intention of using them daily or they have no real impact on your life, refrain from getting them.


6. Schedule Regular Declutters

There is nothing like the feeling of getting rid of things you don’t use anymore, clothes that don’t fit, or anything that doesn’t serve a purpose for you any longer. Scheduling regular times to declutter is a great minimalist idea to keep you productive in life.

Many times, we act on feelings. When we feel great after doing something, chances are we’re more likely to keep doing it. Decluttering your living area regularly will keep you feeling happy, light, more likely to get things done and keep your area clean.


7. Quality Over Quantity

What’s the point of buying something we know is cheap, will break within an allotted time, and we’ll have to replace over and over? There really is no point. Quality is always the better option if we want things to last.

Quality items that serve a purpose in your life will give you the best outcome in the future. This minimalist idea will not only help you keep your space decluttered by preventing you from buying items over again, but help you determine what you actually need and don’t need.

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8. Leave Open Selves Open

Of course, we want to decorate our space and make it ours, but there’s no need to go over board and clutter your open shelving. Keep your shelf decor to a minimum to create a cleaner and simpler look.


When you walk into a house, the main thing your eyes are directed to is what’s on the walls. If this area is cluttered and messy, you instantly feel disorderly and claustrophobic. Less is more. Especially for the aesthetic aspect.

9. Clean Out The Fridge

In your household, this may be one of the most neglected places. It is in my house! Cleaning out your refrigerator can feel like a weight lifted off your chest. Take this minimalist idea into your home to feel relieved and productive!


Empty your fridge completely to figure out what you can keep or toss. Throw away all expired condiments and food. Then create specific places for your different foods like, vegetables, fruits, dairy and others. Having a specific place for your leftovers can help the functionality of knowing where everything is and belongs.

10. Storage Furniture

Using furniture with storage can help dramatically with the clutter of your home. This minimalist idea aids in lessening the amount of stuff placed all around your house. Creating a space, like a mud room, stops shoes or coats from laying around.


A coffee table with drawers can limit too many throw blankets setting around or help store television remotes or other electronic devices. Furniture with storage is limitless when it comes to its use, however just because you have more storage doesn’t mean you have to fill it!

Decluttering your home can be a tedious process but with these minimalist ideas, you can be on your way to a more easy-living, productive life. Tell us some of your favorite minimalist ideas in the comments below!

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