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Minimalist Fashion Instagrammers To Follow

Minimalist Fashion Instagrammers To Follow

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Minimalist fashion as been around for a while, especially with so many people hopping on the capsule wardrobe trend or protesting fast fashion. Many people of those people also look to Instagram for inspiration. However, with come-and-go trends and fast fashion companies stealing the spot light with constant new releases, it can be hard to find minimalist fashion inspo in the mix of everything. Maybe you’re looking for ways to style your basic pieces, or you’re interested in incorporating sustainable living into your everyday wardrobe. Maybe you just want to experiment with a new style. Whatever your reason is, here are a few minimalist fashion Instagrammers to follow for all your inspiration needs.


Followers: 23k

This is a zero waste Instagram account. That means that just about everything seen on this account is meant to produce little to no waste. That includes the wardrobe. Jess, the owner of this account in all about ethical style. So, not only will you find cute minimal looks, but some of the pieces will be from companies that produce ethically made and sustainable clothing. You’ll also find some cute vintage or secondhand items in her wardrobe, that will send you to the nearest thrift store in hopes of recreating her look.



Followers: 6k

Lo of Capsule Closet Blog is obsessed with capsule wardrobes. She expresses her love for capsule wardrobes through her blog and Insta account. When you scroll through her feed you’ll find posts about her seasonal capsule wardrobe and pics of the outfits she creates. Lo’s minimal fashion Instagram shows that just because you’re a minimalist that doesn’t mean you can’t express your personal style. From looking at her account you’ll see that fewer items doesn’t mean boring, it just means less stuff.


Followers: 109k


Fatima’s might not be considered minimal by some because she incorporates prints and bold color into her wardrobe. However, she wears these prints and colors in simple way that creates a unique style with minimalist elements. On top of that she’s a hijabi which goes to show that anyone can embrace the minimalist style.


Followers: 8k

This Instagram account is great for anyone with a developing interest in minimalist fashion. Petra’ s style combines simple everyday piece and turns them into super stylish outfits for any occasion. As you scroll through her account you’ll catch glimpses of her minimal jewelry and even how she stores her wardrobe. So, if you’re just starting out with minimalist fashion, Petra’s simple and clean account is a great place to start.



Followers: 22k

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Brianna’s minimalist fashion Insta is a collection of her daily minimal outfits. You’ll find both professional and casual looks as you scroll through her account. Brianna is also into ethically made clothes, so if you’re looking for companies that fall into that category you’ll find some featured in her posts. She includes outfit details for every post, including the company and the name of the item as well.



Followers: 52k

Bethany’s account is definitely one to check out. Here account features simple yet aesthetically pleasing flatlays as well as daily outfit pics. This is another great account to follow if you enjoy when people share where they got an item from. Bethany makes an effort to tag every item in her pics which is super helpful if you’re looking to recreate the look. The best part about her account is her style. Even though all of her pieces are simple, she’s great at coordinating them into great outfits.


Followers: 7k


Bev’s fresh photos and maybe even her cute dog will have you instantly considering minimalist wardrobe. Bev, a fan of ethical, sustainable, and slow fashion, uses her IG account to share her minimal looks. If you’re looking for a way to mix up daily outfits, try checking out Bev’s account. You’ll find lots of ways to mix and match your basic wardrobe pieces and turn them into unique everyday styles.

Are you interested in minimalist fashion? Do you have any minimal fashion Instagram accounts that you love? Comment below!