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Minimalist Decor Ideas For Your Home

Sometimes one just wants a simple home with very simple decorations around the house. We have put together a list of some minimalist decor ideas for that person who doesn’t want a whole lot of stuff going on in their living space. The more simple, the better!

1. Hang your stuff

This minimalist decor idea is a great one for those who need a place to hang their keys, their purse, or whatever else they may have. This person used a very simple wooden wall hanger next to a simple black and white framed quote. This decor idea looks nice and clean against a white wall and is perfect for any minimalist.

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2. White shelves for your living room or bedroom

White shelves against the white walls of an apartment will look very simple and clean and very minimalist. It’s a great way to store your belongings such as books and DVDs. It’s also a great place to place any small plants you have. The touch of a green plant will add a nice but simple amount of color to all of the white.

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3. Hang succulents for an indoor garden

By using a simple vertical hanger and simple matching pots, you can hang succulents in your home without making the place feel cluttered. Instead of placing the succulents on a table somewhere, they are hanging up, which makes your living space feel more light and airy.

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4. Wooden crates for your shoes

In an attempt to be different, this minimalist decor idea gives you a place to store your shoes but in a very different and interesting way. Even so, this is a minimalist style, and its pretty cute. Just buy a bunch of wooden crates, arrange them the way you like and place your shoes in them. Super easy.

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5. Add a circular mirror to a wall in your bedroom

Rather than adding a full-on vanity, try adding a single circular mirror to a wall in your bedroom to use when you need to do your makeup in the morning. It doesn’t take up any space on your floor and keeps your bedroom feeling light and airy and minimal. If you really feel the need for a vanity, try a simple table to put below your mirror.

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6. Use a shelf ladder for your stuff

One great minimalist decor idea would be to use shelf ladders instead of regular shelves.

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7. A black sofa with white walls

Most apartment walls are painted white. To go with a minimalist decor idea, you need the contrast of black to go with it. The perfect way to add some contrast to your living room would be to add a black couch. It will look amazing!

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8. Add floating shelves above your toilet

To store extra items in your bathroom in a minimalist decor idea kinda way, add some simple floating shelves to the empty wall space above your toilet and place your items there. The simple wooden shelves give you a place to put things and add a bit of decor to your plain bathroom without overdoing it. This is one of the best minimalist decor ideas!

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Did you find any minimalist decor ideas to try for your apartment in this list? Let us know in the comments!
Featured Image Source: www.unsplash.com
Lauren Rife

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