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Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

Minimalism might seem like an impossible task to achieve for some, and like a completely impossible lifestyle for others, but regardless of who you are, these are 10 things we can all live without.

1. Receipts and any random papers

How many times have you cleaned out your purse, pockets, your car, or that catchall spot in your home and found six years worth of receipts that you’ve accumulated over the past month? I am guilty of this. Get rid of them. Get rid of all the random papers that serve no purpose. Shred them, toss them out, scan them, burn them, do whatever you need to do to get them out of your space. You don’t need them. Honestly, this is minimalism 101, just get rid of the excessive amount of paper clutter.

2. Excessive kitchen items

Unless you have a big family who regularly gets together for dinners or you regularly host dinner parties, You don’t need 30 plates, bowls, or cups. Realistically, if you live alone or with a roommate, you only need a few of each of these items. Donate the rest. You also don’t need 30 mugs. They may seem like the perfect thing to bring back from a trip that you’ve taken,  but realistically you only need like four-five mugs. Get rid of the rest.

Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

3. Half of the clothing in your wardrobe

Another tip about minimalism I’m sure we all have heard, if not from Marie Kondo then somewhere else, but seriously, the amount of clothing you have is probably more than you need. I don’t remember where I heard this, but apparently, the average person only wears about 40% of their current wardrobe. Figure out what you do wear, and donate the rest. The textile industry is one of the biggest pollutants to this world, so keep that in mind when you’re looking at purchasing seven trendy tops when you really will only wear them for one season and only “need” one.

4. CDs and DVDs

With Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other apps that you can use to stream shows and movies and music, you don’t need the physical copy anymore. There might be those few movies or CDs that bring you a great sense of joy, but the rest can go. Download the CDs onto your computer, download the digital copies of the movies if they have the digital download code inside the case, and then pass them along. You can use an app called Declutter to even make a bit of cash off of your old movies and CDs.

Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

5. That bin full of school stuff that you never look at

I have things from preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college all sitting in one bin. These things can be decluttered.  Realistically you’re not going to need your algebra notes from ninth grade, and you’re not going to need your biology notes from your second semester in college. Toss them. Recycle them. You don’t need them, they’re just taking up space.

6. The new “gadgets”

Just because a new version of your phone has come out doesn’t mean you need it. Stop being wasteful with technology just because there’s something new every year.

7. Extensive product collections

This means hair products, makeup, skin care, etc. Choose the products you regularly use, that works the best for you and get rid of the rest – or use those products up and start only buying the products you regularly use that work for you. Another simple way to approach minimalism or incorporate minimalism into your lifestyle

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Minimalism: You Can Live Without These 10 Things

8. Cable

There are so many ways to watch TV shows and movies now that you don’t need cable. Download the app, there’s bound to be one.

9. Junk emails

Coupons might sound great in theory, but how often do you use the coupons that you get in your inbox? Or how many times have you gone shopping when you shouldn’t have or didn’t need to just because you had a coupon? Unsubscribe.

10. Negative energy

You don’t need negative energy in your space, sage that sh*t. Or just get rid of all the stuff that makes you feel poorly when you look at it. Maybe it’s a dress you swore four years ago that you’d fit into again or a box of things from your exes – get rid of it all. You’ll feel much better without that negativity bringing you down, I promise.

How many of these things do you have taking up space in your home? What other things do you think should have been on this list? Comment them below!

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