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Midterms, As Told By the Cast of Full House

Midterms, As Told By the Cast of Full House

The only thing worse than finals week is midterms week: long, stressful and sleepless…not to mention concentration proves to be impossible when it actually counts. And with the recent release of Fuller House, concentration is even harder (who can study business ethics when faced with John Stamos?). Not to mention Fuller House then sends us into a fit of nostalgia that ends with us re-watching the entire original series Full House. But no matter how long we avoid it, midterms is inevitable. So to try to help you persevere through midterms, or quite possibly aid as yet another distraction, this is midterms week summed up (as told by the cast of Full House).

When your professor refuses to give a study guide and says, “all information is fair game.”

When you’re studying on the quiet floor in the library and someone’s phone goes off…


When you realize that it is going to take you all night to finish your 15 page essay due in the morning…

Hiding from your responsibilities and looming exam dates…

When your roomies attempt to calm you down after you realize just how unprepared you are for you chemistry final…

and you break down into tears because you have irrationally come to the conclusion that you are going to flunk out.


After an all-nighter of studying and bae tries to take a photo of you for Snap.

When there is information on the exam that hasn’t ever been discussed during class.

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Turning your Biology exam into your professor, looking at them with puppy dog eyes…

Coming out of your hardest exam, over it all, and giving zero f#$%s.


And when you can finally celebrate because exams are over.


But then you remember that you still have finals to conquer…
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