The Mid Century Modern Decor (On A Budget) That’s Perfect For Your Dorm Room

This mid century modern decor on a budget will inspire you to transform your dorm room or apartment when you get back to campus this Fall 2018 season! Mid century modern interior design aesthetic uses neutral tones, stoic greenery, 70’s vibes and Scandinavian-esq furniture. The vintage mid century furniture style is timeless and will last you for semesters to come.

Global Modern

This mid century modern bedroom space cohesively incorporates basic black and white linen bedding with hints of old maps, belly baskets and geometric patterned rugs.

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Nordic Modern

Who doesn’t gasp in awe at Nordic chic decor? Add in a wooden stump side table for light natural wood features alongside a faded Persian rug, leather throw pillows and white ceramic potted cactus.

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Nomadic Modern

This blush-toned wall map tapestry adds some color to this grey and white look. Include a pronounced fiddle-leaf fig floor plant in the corner for some additional life.

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Cozy Modern

For the person who just wants mid century modern design principles that are inviting and cozy, try this soft ivory linen bedding, fringed macrame pillow, light woods and Cambridge mod wall print.

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Retro Modern

For the 70’s girl at heart, keep it cool with wooden geometric wall nooks, smooth leather, shag fur pillow, Polaroid camera, hanging macrame and the notorious llama wall art.

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Transitional Modern

Filled with greenery and ocean-like accessories, this two-story space keeps the colors neutral with white taking over a majority of the spotlight.

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Basic Modern

Framed wall art, white shelving, burnished bronze floor lamp and pom pom striped throw creates a mid century modern apartment look.

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Relaxed Modern

Using a statement wall print as the main focus of the room, the irregular shaped wooden hairpin coffee table, plants, diamond patterned rug and displayed hats show mid century modern decorating ideas that anyone with any price point can conquer.

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Swedish Modern

Swedish mid century modern design principles always hit the mark! With Eames chairs, rattan furnishings and woven basket storage, the style is effortless and timeless.

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Scandinavian Modern

This look is mid century modern decor on a budget. Keeping the dimensions low, the white bedding sits on a minimal platform bed with art books acting as coffee tables, macrame hanging planters giving off green tones and white lanterns adding a differentiation in height.

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Simplistic Modern

From gold moon banners to metallic wall sconce lighting, this mid century modern decor on a budget is minimal.

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Comfy Modern

This option is easy to achieve with a low platform bed and tribal rug aesthetic.

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Welcoming Modern

Combine an all-white look with blush chenille blankets, faded cactus wall art, phrase pillows, string fairy lights and terrariums.

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Tribal Modern

This wooden mid century modern apartment decor fits nicely into a dorm room with limited available space.

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Serene Modern

This space has all of the mid century modern interior design dorm room essentials; a platform bed, white linens, simplistic wall print and a pom pom throw blanket.

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Casual Modern

Equipped with a display ladder and positive signage, this dorm room bedding is inviting and cozy.

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Travelling Modern

This college dorm decor is filled with a mix between mid century modern decor on a budget and a travelling nomad.

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Creative Modern

This dorm room decor uses an upholstered grey heather headboard, macrame and modern metallic lighting for proper design.

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Hippy Modern

You can never go wrong the a rattan peacock style chair, cowhide rug and a gallery wall.

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Designer Modern

This homemade wooden headboard showcases a warm wood that embodies mid century modern design principles.

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Studious Modern

This desk space keeps your dorm room supplies organized and uncluttered.

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See Also

Vintage Modern

Against exposed brick, this college dorm decor is straight out of a 70’s gypsy pad with a Crosley record player and vintage mid century furniture.

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70’s Modern

This choice of cheap dorm decor suits any small bedroom space with a skinny dresser and minimal bedding accessories.

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Minimalist Modern

Light and bright, this mid century modern decor on a budget is airy and free with open shelving and a laid back rattan lounger.

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Nostalgic Modern

String up your Polaroids above the record player. Add in some Aztec patterned pillows for good measure.

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Contemporary Modern

Try some white tassel banners, distressed Persian rugs, wall decals and statement artwork for mid century modern decorating ideas.

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Musical Modern

Whether you are a musician or not, hang some stitching, animal heads and instruments on your wall. Include a shag fur throw, open shelving and copper details as well.

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Beachy Modern

Stay Salty. Go back to campus this Fall 2018 with a little bit of the summer beach still with you. Hang netting, macrame and string lights with fringed throw blankets and punny light boxes.

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Fashionista Modern

Whether you are heading back to fashion school or simply love fashion design, try this wardrobe look for college apartment furniture with mid century modern design principles.

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Feminine Modern

Go pink, blushy pink. Use hints of blush tones throughout dorm room bedding and mid century modern bedroom accessories. Purchase some clear acrylic furniture to complement the vibe.

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Mini Modern

This college dorm decor is ideal for someone looking to make the most out of those bare walls. Some terracotta potted plants, hanging macrame and fresh white bedding allows the style to come full circle. Don’t forget to pencil in pretty display books to your dorm supplies list.

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Which of the above mid century modern decor on a budget are you going to get to deck out your dorm room? Let us know in the comments below.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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