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5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

5 Microwave Meals That Don't Suck

Every college student knows the struggle of microwave meals. But contrary to popular belief, there is more to microwave meals than a sad cup of Ramen or pizza rolls. Using the microwave doesn’t have to mean making something that’s a soggy mess. You can actually make some pretty great stuff with just a microwave and a couple ingredients.

There are some truly amazing meals you can make in a microwave without the hassle of a stove or long preparation times. Here are 5 microwave meals you can make that are actually delicious.

1. Scrambled Eggs

One of the most simple breakfast meals can be made even easier with the use of a microwave! Check out the recipe here, which only requires a few eggs, milk, and spices. This simple recipe is an excellent way to make scrambled eggs when you’re in a pinch or just don’t want to wait for the stove to heat up. Perfect for anyone who loves eggs but doesn’t want to worry about time or doesn’t have access to a kitchen stove. Within a minute or so, you’ll have a classic breakfast without the hassle of a stove.

5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

2. Mac N Cheese

Yes, you really can make this in the microwave and it tastes way better than Kraft Easy Mac.  Everyone loves Mac N Cheese, especially college students. What better way to de-stress after finals than with a cheesy childhood classic? But unfortunately, if you live in a dorm, chances are high you don’t have access to a kitchen stove to make Mac N Cheese. Sure you can always make a microwave Mac N Cheese with a pack from the store, but those meals typically disappoint.

Luckily, this recipe and a microwave is all you’ll need. Skip the Easy Mac and have real Mac N Cheese with the recipe provided. With just a couple ingredients and a bowl, you’ll be able to enjoy this comfort food again!

5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

3. Pizza

Another comfort food everyone loves, pizza! Save your money by making this recipe instead of ordering delivery pizza. This meal is perfect for anyone who is craving an Italian pie, but doesn’t want to worry about the hassle of making dough or overspending on a pizza. While this recipe does take a little longer than the other microwave meals on the list, it is still way shorter than the time you would spend making a traditional pizza! Typically with a traditional pizza, you’ll spend a decent amount of time making the dough, plus you’ll have to put in the fridge for a day. In contrast, you can make microwave pizza in minutes. The pizza in a cup will certainly satisfy your cravings for a slice!

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4. Egg Fried Rice

You can make egg fried rice even better by shortening the cooking time with this microwave recipe. It might sound like a risky endeavor to make fried rice with just a microwave, but the recipe yields surprisingly delicious results. Grab an egg, some spices, and of course rice, and you’ll be able to make this meal with just three steps. Try the recipe here.

5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

5. French Toast

What better way to enjoy breakfast than with french toast? You can now enjoy this sweet meal with just a microwave and a coffee cup. No need to worry about using the stove. With this recipe you can enjoy the meal in minutes. You can like you’re at home with your family again within a couple minutes. No need to go out for a pricey brunch to enjoy french toast anymore! With this recipe you can enjoy the perfect breakfast without the need for a kitchen stove or a pricey breakfast place.

5 Microwave Meals That Don’t Suck

Have some other microwave meals you think are worth trying? Comment below and let us know!
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