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Microdermabrasion: Everything You Need To Know

Skin procedures are a very important thing in most people’s lives – technically, even simply just washing your face can be considered a skin procedure.

Some procedures, however, still require more attention to the details than others. For some, it’s because of the risks– unusual ingredients, others – all the possible changes… The list goes on. Microdermabrasion, actually, is not just mostly safe, but generally not too expensive (comparatively) and very popular. But what is it?

The background

Microdermabrasion, according to the NHS’s (National Health Service, UK) official website is “a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells on the face.”

Said more simply, it’s a sort of a peeling procedure. Scrubbing, but cooler, with a bit of sucking your pores clean. Not too complex, not too dangerous.

What it accomplishes is that it might reduce some of the smaller wrinkles and spots and blemishes. However, (!!!) it does not work on scarring, stretch marks or really deep wrinkles – so, realistically, if you want to get rid of acne scars it would not happen. Look for something else.

Why do it?

There is a number of reasons why you could consider doing microdermabrasion. The potential reasons are not limited to but include:

– you have a lot of smaller wrinkles around the eye area – in this case, it’s very effective;

– the skin on your face is not entirely even, be it in colour or in texture;

– you want a fancy scrubbing and a facial, which, hey, is a valid reason;

– it’s not overly expensive for one session compared to a lot of other facial procedures (£40-£80);

– it’s harmless and mostly not dangerous – just consult with the aesthetician just in case;

– if you find a good practitioner then, apparently, the results are visible almost immediately and the skin truly is renewed;

– which means your skin should feel softer, and have a healthier glow.

Then why not do it?

The reasons against doing microdermabrasion are relatively obvious and in plain sight:

– not effective against actual skin damage, like acne scars or stretch marks;

– not effective against deep wrinkles that people usually want to get rid of;

– requires several sessions – hence the price;

– your skin may be dry and flaky for a couple of days – for a relaively small benefit in return;

See Also

– not suitable for darker skin tones because pigmentation;

– might even slightly bruise you;

– finally there is a number of other, more effective treatments.

Is it worth it? Decide for yourself.

How does the procedure go?

The procedure itself is not overly lengthy and should not take over thirty minutes. No anaesthetics are necessary (although if you’re nervous you’re free to take calming medication) and no pain should be felt at all – alert your practicioner if you feel anything really unpleasant.

All that happens next is that the aesthetician will use a handheld device that will direct crystals along your skin to cleans it and, with that same device, will vacuum the dead skin cells that it cleans off away.

What happens next?

Nothing special, really. Your skin will be a bit red and might be swollen, dry and flaky for a couple of days. The procedure might even slightly bruise you if your skin is particularly gentle – that is, if you qualify for the procedure at all.

Still, nothing bad should come of it, so if you know a good place to do it, then why not?

Have you ever gotten microdermabrasion? Or maybe any other facial treatments that work similarly? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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Tamara Chagaeva

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